“I think there is an image that I stayed in the second group for a long time.”

NC Han Seok-hyun (28) spent 9 years alone at LG, including the period spent as an active duty soldier, but only played 31 games in the first team. He is a player with strength in batting, but his first team performance was only 0.250 batting average. He showed potential in 2021, but failed to keep his place due to gaps in defense. In the end, he applied for a free agency in the Futures League after finishing last season and ended up wearing an NC uniform.

The goal this year is to leave an image as a first-team player. He has the confidence that if the opportunity comes, he can show his skills. It was a reserve resource in LG, where there are many national outfielders, but it may be different in NC. Director Kang In-kwon also plans to keep a close eye on Han Seok-hyun 먹튀검증. That’s why he was put on the first-team camp roster.

NC decided to give Han Seok-hyun a chance instead of renewing the contract with FA outfielder Lee Myeong-gi and Kwon Hee-dong. He worked hard from the time he was recruited as a free agent by Futures. At the time of the transfer, Han Seok-hyun said, “I felt that NC recognized my value. I heard that many teams contacted me. However, NC was familiar with my Futures League data. I could feel that they were constantly interested in me.” .

First of all, adaptation was urgent. Han Seok-hyun, who was born at Gyeongnam High School, moved from the individual training place to melt into NC right away when the transfer was decided. Thanks to that, he has finished adjusting to his new team before the start of camp.

Han Seok-hyun said, “Because I joined a new team, I wanted to show more of what I had. I prepared a little earlier than before and improved my condition quickly. Since January, I got to know the players while exercising individually at NC Park in Changwon, and at camp The same outfielders took good care of me, so there is no difficulty in adapting.”

At the same time, he revealed that he wanted to change the title of ‘Futures FA’. Han Seok-hyun said, “The purpose of being a free agent in the Futures League means giving a chance, but there seems to be an image that I stayed in the 2nd team for a long time (because I was from the Futures FA).” I plan to do my best during the camp to become a first-team player.”

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