Famous British football critic Ian Wright has predicted the possibility of English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane’s transfer to Manchester United. Wright said he believes he can close the deal through a swap deal.

Wright is a legendary striker who played for Crystal Palace, Arsenal and West Ham United in the 1980s and 1990s. He also played for the England national team on several occasions.

According to British media Team Talk on the 26th local time, Wright claimed in the recent podcast broadcast ‘Wrighty’s House Podcast’ that Manchester United could bring Kane to Tottenham in a swap deal by sending another player to Kane’s transfer fee. did.

“For example, if you offer 60 million pounds 스포츠토토 as a transfer fee and add a player like Anthony Martial, it can be a pretty good deal,” he explained.

“If there is anything Manchester United are seriously thinking about next, it’s probably a matter of strikers,” Wright added.

He saw the lack of a stable striker as a chronic problem for Manchester United. Referring to the 21st Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal on the 22nd local time, Wright analyzed, “It was Arsenal’s center forward Eddy Nketia that made the main difference.” He continued, pointing out that “Arsenal put out Nketia, while Man United sent out Boot Ver Host, who doesn’t pose much of a threat.” In the match, Manchester United lost 3-2.

Kane joined Tottenham in January 2011. His current contract runs until June 2024. Around this summer when the 2022-23 season ends, a renewal of the contract becomes a must. It is known that Tottenham will begin negotiations on renewing the contract with Kane as soon as the transfer window closes this winter.

Born in 1993, Kane will turn 30 in July. He still shows his rust-free skills, scoring 16 goals and 1 assist in 21 appearances in the Premier League this season.

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