Kim Hee-jin, the ‘signboard’ of IBK Industrial Bank, will undergo knee surgery. It was not a sudden injury. However, she made a big decision to show a better image.

IBK Industrial Bank officially announced on the 27th that “Kim Hee-jin underwent knee surgery on the 27th.” The expected rehabilitation period is one year, and it is expected that he will no longer be seen on the court this season.

Kim Hee-jin felt knee pain from the beginning of this season and continued to exercise under the management of IBK Industrial Bank, such as strengthening strength and rehabilitation based on hospital treatment, and participated in 28 games this season. 먹튀검증

Despite his knee pain, Kim Hee-jin has done his best for the sake of his teammates and fans.

IBK Industrial Bank explained, “Kim Hee-jin, who is on the operating table on the 27th, underwent meniscus surgery on her right knee, and her rehabilitation is expected to take about a year.” An official from IBK Industrial

Bank said, “We will provide maximum support for Kim Hee-jin’s quick return,” and added, “We ask for a lot of encouragement and support from fans so that Kim Hee-jin can return in good health.”

She is ranked 6th in the women’s division with 41 points. As Kim Hee-jin undergoes surgery, her power is expected to weaken further. IBK Industrial Bank said, “It is a game that can completely fill Kim Hee-jin’s void by using various players in the remaining round 6 matches of the 2022-2023 season. plan to present

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