In the 5th game of the professional basketball championship, SK defeated Ginseng Corporation and left only one win to win.

Oh Jae-hyun played the role of a solver with a decisive stone point, and he shed tears at the end of the game.

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At the beginning of the game, SK Oh Jae-hyeon made a succession of three-point shots, foreshadowing his performance in Game 5.

In addition, MVP Kim Seon-hyung also added strength by putting in 4 five-point shots.

In the third quarter, SK faced a 13-point lead, but as Ginseng Corporation Byun Jun-hyeong revived, the game became tighter again.

Spellman’s scorer was activated, and Abando also scored a block shot with a formidable jump, and the two teams repeated the reverse to tie the score.

SK took the lead again 4 minutes before the end of the game with a successful fast attack.

38 seconds before the end, which was three points ahead, the solver was Oh Jae-hyun.

In the corner, he succeeded in the decisive wedge shot, and coach Jeon Hee-chul raised his arms.

The moment SK’s 66-60 victory in game 5 was confirmed, Oh Jae-hyun shed the tears he had been holding back, and he cried all the time as if he was thrilled during the interview with the best player.온라인카지노

[Oh Jae-hyeon/SK: “I felt so sorry to my brothers and my staff because I couldn’t help them in this important series, but I feel so good about winning today’s game.”]

[Soundbite] Jeon Heechul/SK Head Coach: “Kim Seon-hyeong and Jamil Warney needed outside support for two one-two punches, but I think Oh Jae-hyun played that role smartly.”] With a record of 3 wins and 2 losses, SK now has only 1 victory in two consecutive seasons

. Only wins left.

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