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KBO League MVP and Kiwoom Heroes captain Lee Jung-hoo, who is aiming to advance to the major leagues next year,’s goal for the 2023 season is to win three consecutive batting titles. When asked about his goal for this season, Lee Jung-hoo said, “What I want to do most is to win. And my personal goal is… I put down my greed for MVP. I want to win the batting title three times in a row.”

Usually, I would say two MVP wins in a row, but it wasn’t. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I want to win MVP again, but the Asian Games will be a variable.” “Since the league continues during the Asian Games, the number of games will decrease, so the number of hits, home runs, and RBIs will inevitably decrease. Then the MVP challenge is easy. not,” he said. As everyone admits, Lee Jung-hoo is also a scene that can be seen as a fait accompli in the Asian Games. And the resulting grades were also being calculated. So, Lee Jung-hoo’s goal was to win the batting title three times in a row. “As far as I know, only coach Jang Hyo-jo, who passed away, did it. 토토사이트

Lee Jung-hoo has never fallen below the .302 level. It is the lowest batting average of the 3.2 4 Liga season recorded in his debut season. Lee Jeong-hoo, who consistently hit well, recorded 3.6 pun in 2021, greatly surpassing Lotte Giants Jeon Jun-woo (0.348) and KT Wiz Kang Baek-ho (0.347), and became the first batting king. He beat Pirella (0.342) and won the second consecutive title in hitting. During his six years, his career batting average was a whopping 3.4 2 Lee (1076 hits in 3146 at-bats).

The 3rd consecutive victory in the batting title was recorded only once by the late coach Jang Hyo-jo from 1985 to 1987 when he was at Samsung. Since then, in 1991 and 1992, when Doosan Future Steam coach Lee Jung-hoon was a Binggrae, Lee Dae-ho, who retired at the end of last year, won two consecutive losses from 2010 to 2021. Lee Jung-hoo was the fourth player in history to win two consecutive titles in hitting.

There are many who see it as a ‘showcase’ to showcase their skills to major league clubs as they participate in the World Baseball Classic ahead of their advance into the major leagues. However, Lee Jung-hoo said clearly, “It’s not a showcase.” “As a national representative, it is a position to play for the country. I do not want to fulfill self-interest,” he said. He gave a realistic reason and revealed that he would play for the Republic of Korea rather than as an individual.

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