Former Seongnam FC head coach Jung Gyeong-ho (from Samcheok), a former national football team member, participated in ‘Gangwon People: Front, Wishing for Success in Gangwon Province’ and supported his hometown ahead of new changes.

A graduate of Gangwon FC youth team Jumunjin Middle School and Gangneung Jeil High School, he is a soccer star representing Gangwon-do who has played in 41 A-matches alone. Former coach Jung, who also played for Gangwon FC during his active career, wore the Gangwon FC uniform for the first time in a long time through this tournament. His appearance in uniform was sharp enough to believe that he was on active duty. 온라인카지노

In fact, it is said that his weight has hardly changed compared to his active career. He said, “It’s not as much as when he was active, but he’s still taking care of his body.”

Coach Jeong, who said that he often visits his hometown as his parents still live in Samcheok, hoped that the launch of the Special Self-Governing Province would revive Gangwon-do’s passion for soccer. He said, “Gangwon-do is where I was born and raised, so I always support it.” I hope that the launch of the Special Self-Governing Province will serve as an opportunity for many fans to visit the stadium again.”

Former coach Jeong, who was appointed as the new Gangwon FC public relations ambassador this season, cheered, saying, “Last year, coach Choi Yong-soo did very well.”

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