Jordan Spieth (USA), 16th in the men’s golf world, looked back on the “most dangerous shot in PGA Tour history” he hit at the 2022 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and said, “Actually, I regret it now.”

In the 8th hole (par 4) of the 3rd round of the tournament held at Pebble Beach GC (par 72) near San Francisco, USA last year, Spieth garnered attention by dropping a tee shot in the penalty area right in front of the coastal cliff and then risking a fall to hit the second shot. This hole has a bay called Carmel Bay on the right side of the course, so you have to pass the sea with your second shot to put it on the green. His tee shot went a little farther and rolled all the way to the rough in front of the cliff, and Spieth shot a ‘life-threatening shot’ despite the caddy’s earnest dissuade.

At a press conference ahead of the tournament on the 2nd, Spieth said, “I shouldn’t have made such a risky attempt considering my newborn son. In fact, he regrets it.” Spieth’s son was only three months old at the time. He expressed his dad’s sense of responsibility by saying, “A shot I wouldn’t do now that I know my son more.” 메이저사이트

Spieth, who stepped back at the same time as he hit the dangerous second shot, sent the ball near the green and succeeded in making a 6m par putt. Spieth hit 9-under-par 63 that day, and finished runner-up two strokes behind Tom Hogi (USA) with a final total of 17-under 270 the next day.

“I think I earned a stroke for that shot,” said Spieth at a press conference. If it wasn’t the risk of losing one’s life, it was a decent reward,” he explained the situation at the time. He said, “He decided that it would be more advantageous to pass the 7-iron over the sea and send it near the green than to take a penalty and step back 10 yards and hit it.”

Spieth, who said he went back to the second shot on the 8th hole while rounding at the Pebble Beach course with his father and brothers last November, learned through the giant slalom practice round that he couldn’t even think of a shot like that this year. This is because the organizers made the rough very long so that risk-taking cases like Spieth do not occur.

Spieth said he was “happy to have made a par save.” “If I did, it would have been the worst decision I ever made,” he said, “because instead it was just a ‘bad decision’.”

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