Korean badminton was blocked by the Great Wall of China and failed to achieve its dream of winning the World Mixed Team Championship (Sudirman Cup) for the first time in six years.

The Korean badminton team, led by coach Kim Hak-gyun, lost 0-3 to China in the 2023 Sudirman Cup finals (5 matches, 3 wins) held at the Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou, China on the 21st. Korea, which was trying to regain the top six years after winning the Gold Coast Championship in Australia in 2017, ended up finishing runner-up. The runner-up of Korea, which has won four times in its career, is the fifth time that it has lost four of them to China. Korea also lost the championship to China at the Asian Mixed Team Championships last February, where the 1.5 team participated, and placed second. China won three consecutive championships, increasing the number of victories to 13.

Korean players performed well despite the unilateral cheering of thousands of Chinese spectators.

In the first match, mixed doubles, Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong (5th in the world) lost to Jeong Si-wei and Huang Ya-chung (1st) 1-2 (21-18 20-22 8-21). In the last minute, he showed concentration and won the first set, but he caught up with the second set, which was leading by 6 points, and made a 20-20 deuce before giving it up. It is the first time that Korea has given up mixed doubles in this tournament. In the men’s singles that followed, Lee Yun-kyu (213th) struggled against the world’s 6th-ranked Shichichi, but showed his lack of experience and knelt down with a score of 0-2 (13-21 17-21).메이저놀이터

Korea ended the tournament unfortunately as even Ahn Se-young (2nd place), whom they trusted, collapsed 0-2 (16-21 20-22) to Cheon Yu-fei (4th place). Ahn Se-young, who previously won a fierce battle with World No. 1 Akane Yamaguchi (Japan) and No. 3 Tai Zi-ying (Taiwan), seemed to be burdened by the situation that Korea was driven to the edge of the cliff, and his body was somewhat strained, and Chen Yu-Fei’s attack It was a bit sharper. Ahn Se-young drank a bitter cup in this tournament as well, following his loss in a cliffhanger confrontation with Chen Yu-fei in the quarterfinals against China in the 2021 tournament. In addition, he stopped the three-game winning streak against Chen Yufei and recorded 4 wins and 9 losses in the past. South Korea left a regret because they could not reach the men’s doubles Kim Won-ho and Na Seong-seung (803rd), which have emerged as new weapons.

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