In men’s volleyball, which is competing for hot ‘Spring Volleyball’ tickets, KEPCO in 3rd place, Woori Card in 4th place, and OK Financial Group in 5th place narrowed it down to one point, predicting a fierce final match.   

Thanks to Leo’s strong serve, OK Financial Group won a bloody battle against KEPCO, the ‘3rd place competitor’, but maintained 5th place, and KEPCO went up one notch from 4th to 3rd with one victory point. 

OK Financial Group defeated KEPCO with a set score of 3-2 (25-21 25-21 22-25 16-25 15-13) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-2023 V-League men’s home game held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan on the 16th. .

OK Financial Group, which added 2 points, took 3rd place with a total of 41 points (14 wins, 15 losses), KEPCO (42 points, 13 wins, 16 losses), and Woori Card, which fell one notch to 4th place (41 points, 14 wins, 14 points). loss) and narrowed it down to 1 point.

The competition for third place between the three teams is expected to continue fiercely until the end of the season.

1st place Korean Air (59 points, 20 wins, 8 losses) and 2nd place Hyundai Capital (55 points, 18 wins, 10 losses) have virtually confirmed their advance to the playoffs, and the competition for ‘Spring Volleyball’ tickets with up to two left has fallen into the fog. .

In the V-League, a 3-0 or 3-1 win earns 3 points, and a 3-2 win earns 2 points. If you lose 2-3, you get 1 point.

OK Financial Group, which won the 1st and 2nd sets first, could jump from 5th to 3rd place with 3 points if it won the 3rd or 4th set.

However, KEPCO counterattacked in the 3rd and 4th sets and continued the match to a full set.

However, the victory was won by OK Financial Group.

It was thanks to Leo’s firepower.

Leo scored 42 points (previous 38 points), the most in one game this season, by succeeding in serving four times in a row in the 5th set 1-1. With 11 serving aces, he set a record for the most (previously 9) in a single game.

Cha Ji-hwan (12 points) and Song Myeong-geun (12 points), who came back after 3 games after shaking off knee pain, also scored.

Veteran middle blocker Jin Sang-heon succeeded in scoring consecutive blocks in the 5th set 13-13.

By the middle of the first set, OK Financial Group was drawn 9-14.

However, Song Myung-geun’s back attack took a breather, and Leo blocked Seo Jae-deok’s quick open, changing the atmosphere.

When Lee Min-gyu’s highly variable serve hit Seo Jae-deok’s hand and crossed the net, Leo succeeded in an open attack, and at the end of the rally, Park Won-bin scored with a fast break, and OK Financial Group pursued by one point. 14-14, tied.

In 16-16, after a long rally, Cha Ji-hwan blocked Lim Seong-jin’s quick open and succeeded in reversing.

Then, even Jin Sang-heon blocked Seong-jin Lim’s open attack, and OK Financial Group ran away 18-16.

OK Financial Group consolidated its first set victory by Song Myeong-geun’s open attack and serve ace in a row from 19-18.

The second set was similar.

OK Financial Group tied the score at 15-16 with Lim Seong-jin’s sub offense, then setter Lee Min-gyu’s witty two-step attack, and opponent’s main gun Tais less host (registered name Tais)’s offense turned the tide of the charter to 18-16. .

In 19-17, setter Lee Min-gyu blocked KEPCO’s native ace Seo Jae-deok’s rear attack and climbed the 20-point high first.

In 23-21, a very impressive scene came out.

In 23-21, Seong-Jin Lim blocked Leo’s rear attack. However, before the ball landed on the court, Song Myung-geun sprinted and picked it up.

When setter Lee Min-kyu made a toss, Cha Ji-hwan scored with an open attack.

It was a valuable score created by OK Financial Group’s desire to win.

KEPCO succeeded in counterattacking with Park Cheol-woo as an apositive spiker rather than a middle blocker for a long time in the third set.

The match lasted until the 5th set, and Leo showed off his solver instinct.

Leo put 4 sub aces in 1-1, and OK Financial Group took a 5-1 lead.

KEPCO also pursued tenaciously with Thais, Park Chul-woo, and Shin Young-seok, and succeeded in reversing 9-8.

KEPCO, which gained momentum, seemed to complete the band electrode by leading up to 13-11.

However, OK Financial Group did not give up.

In 11-13, OK Financial Group, which made up for one point with the opponent’s public resource, made a tie at 13-13 with Leo’s rear attack that broke out at the end of the rally. 카지노

Veteran middle blocker Jin Sang-heon came out as a last-minute solver.

On 13-13, Jin Sang-heon blocked Thais’ quick open, and on 14-13, Jin Sang-heon blocked Tais’ quick open.

The players of OK Financial Group, who decorated the bloody battle with victory, roared and hugged each other.

Park Cheol-woo succeeded in two back attacks that day and scored 2,000 points for the first time in the V-League, but the team lost.

Tais (38 points) also succeeded in 3 blocking points, 6 sub-aces, and 8 rear attacks to achieve his 5th individual triple crown, but failed to lead the team to victory.

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