Korean defender Kim Min-jae made a ‘God’s move’ by inserting a buyout clause at the time of signing with SSC Napoli.

Italian media ‘Il Martino’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “We focused on analyzing the buyout clause of Napoli defender Kim Min-jae.”

It is known that there is a buyout of 50 million euros (approximately 69.9 billion won) in the Kim Min-jae contract signed with Napoli last summer. In addition, the buyout period is from July 1 to 15, and is only valid for clubs outside of Italy.

Currently, Kim Min-jae is regarded as one of the world’s best defenders beyond Serie A, and his low buyout amount compared to his skills was enough to attract the attention of big overseas clubs.

While Manchester United and other prestigious European clubs are keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae’s situation, the media argued that the buyout amount may vary depending on who the club is trying to recruit.

The media said, “When Kim Min-jae signed a contract with Napoli, he requested and obtained a variable buyout clause that could go up from 55 million euros (about 76.8 billion won) to a maximum of 70 million euros (about 97.8 billion won) depending on the team trying to sign him. “he explained.바카라

“Depending on the situation, the buyout clause could be triggered in June,” he added.

The fact that Kim Min-jae obtained the buyout clause when he signed the contract with Napoli is currently evaluated as a ‘God’s move’.

Kim Min-jae, who had doubts about his skills at the time of his transfer to Naples due to his lack of experience in the European big leagues, immediately put his doubts to rest with his skills. Not only that, but he has been reborn as one of the best defenders in the world, performing at the league’s highest level.

Kim Min-jae performed so well that Napoli was on fire. Napoli is rushing to renew the contract due to the anxiety that the buyout clause may be triggered and lose Kim Min-jae.

The buyout amount can rise up to 70 million euros (approximately 97.8 billion won), but it is not a big problem as all of Man Utd, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool linked to Kim Min-jae boast some of the best sales in Europe.

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-jae, who made Napoli nervous by putting a ‘God’s move’ of inserting a buyout clause, will sign a new contract with better contract conditions or join the Dream Club.

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