Kim Do-young showed a distance as far as the leading hitter Na Seong-beom. The seniors who were watching could not help but admire. But at the same time, Kim Do-young also gave a big smile.

On the 2nd (Korean time), the KIA Tigers trained on the first day of spring camp at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. 온라인카지노

Toss batting training by coach Lee Hyun-gon. Kim Do-young’s batted ball spread far and wide with an ideal launch angle. Seniors such as Hwang Dae-in and Park Chan-ho, who were watching from behind, were amazed when Kim Do-young hit a ball that was as big as Na Seong-beom, who had the farthest distance among the players that day.

Kim Do-young’s bat power is stronger than last year. With Kim Do-young’s small physique,

he couldn’t hide his envy at the long hit that couldn’t be explained.

Na Seong-beom, who was watching from behind her, gave encouragement and advice to Kim Do-young, saying, “I can hit farther.”

On the other hand, Kim Do-young also gave her a big laugh at the end of her training. Even though her batted ball didn’t fly very far, when it was directed at her coaching staff in her outfield, Doyoung Kim shouted “Bong~!” Then coach Lee Hyeon-gon teased, “I didn’t go (to that point), and I didn’t go even if I rolled,” and the seniors couldn’t help laughing.

You can see Kim Do-young’s exciting blows that are enough to raise expectations for this season and her training atmosphere full of laughter more vividly in the video.

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