Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) said, “It is difficult and I am in a state of mental collapse,” and “I intend to focus only on my team.” Although he did not directly mention the word ‘retirement’, there is also an interpretation that suggests that he is retiring from the national team.

Kim Min-jae met with reporters in the joint coverage area after the national soccer team evaluation game with Uruguay held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th and said, “It is difficult soccer and physically. He wants to focus on his team rather than the national team.” 바카라

It is a ‘surprising statement’ that came out in a situation where he started and participated in almost all games for his team full-time, and continued the forced march to play the national team game. In particular, the fact that he wanted to pay more attention to his team rather than the national team while he was very tired led to the interpretation that he hinted at the possibility of retiring from the national team.

When asked if it was coordinated with the Korea Football Association (KFA), Kim Min-jae sighed and said, “I can’t say that it has been coordinated. We were talking about it,” he said, “I will do this much,” and finished the interview himself and left the stadium.

As Kim Min-jae’s remarks were transmitted, the soccer world and fans seemed to be in considerable shock. However, there is room for other interpretations, such as not only suggesting that he might be retiring from the national team, but also focusing on his team until the next A match period (June), which will be held after the European league ends.

Kim Min-jae played full-time in both Colombia and Uruguay in the two consecutive A-matches, as well as in the strong march of his team. He said, “(The game against Uruguay) was a game we had to win, but it’s a pity that we couldn’t win.” I think I need to focus more and match better with the defenders next time.”

Meanwhile, Klinsmanho was defeated by Uruguay 1-2 that day. After allowing the opening goal in the 10th minute of the first half, In-beom Hwang (Olympiacos) scored the equalizer, but Matthias Vesino allowed the winning goal and took a knee. Klinsmanho, who had previously drawn 2-2 with Colombia, had only 1 draw and 1 loss in the first two consecutive matches, which were his debut stage.

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