Regarding the recent uploading and dissemination of absurd fake news about Kim Yuna and her husband through social media, All That Sports, Kim’s management company, announced on the 16th that it would use all means to delete and block it and take all possible civil and criminal legal action against the person who spread it. announced. 안전놀이터

Koo Dong-hoe, CEO of All That Sports, said, “Recently, fake news related to Yuna Kim couple has been continuously uploaded and circulated through YouTube.” As an agency, we will take strict legal action against fake news YouTubers and distributors.”

Regarding the recent rapid spread of fake news related to Yuna Kim, CEO Koo said, “Fake news is spreading like poisonous mushrooms targeting celebrities as well as sports stars under the name of freedom of expression,” but this is freedom of expression. It is not freedom, but a crime and a social evil that corrode our society.”

He continued, “If fake news continues to be mass-produced, the victims could be not only celebrities in our society, but also all ordinary members of society. It is an issue that we all need to share in order to eradicate fake news at this opportunity, and ultimately, a pan-society institutional countermeasure is needed.”

In addition, All That Sports said, “We requested Google’s efforts and support to eradicate fake news distribution for YouTube, which is dismissed as a ‘hotbed of fake news’.”

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