“I declare my passion.”

The ‘2023 Passion Korea Badminton League’ entered a full-fledged competition with a grand opening ceremony.

The Korea Business Badminton Federation held an opening ceremony on the 18th at the General Gymnasium in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do. The opening ceremony was attended by key regional figures, officials from the competition, and the athletes, including Pocheon Mayor Baek Young-hyeon, National Assembly member Choi Chun-sik, Passion Korea representative Jeon Jeon-hoon, Pocheon City Sports Council president Kim In-man, and Gyeonggi-do Badminton Association president Mo Yeon-mo.

The Korea Badminton League, which was born as a semi-professional league and celebrates its second year this year, will go through the men’s and women’s group stage until March 4th in a team competition (3 singles + 2 doubles), followed by a playoff final tournament from April 2nd to 9th. 메이저사이트

In the group stage on the second day of the tournament, Pocheon City Hall, the pride of the host Pocheon, got off to a good start. Pocheon City Hall won the match score 3-1 in the first match against Siheung City Hall in Group A of the women’s general division. After winning the first game (doubles), they gave up the second game (singles), but in the third game (doubles), Go Hye-ryun and Lee Ye-na defeated Park Ji-yoon and Kim A-young 2-0 and took the lead.

Following this, Jeong Hee-soo, who started the singles, met Park Seon-young and continued the complete victory march with 15-8 and 15-10, winning one win in the preliminary round first.

In Group A of the men’s general division that followed, MG Saemaul Geumgo defeated Goyang City Hall 3-0 and earned the first 3 points (match goal difference) of this tournament.

Meanwhile, in the first match of the tournament held the day before, Dangjin City Hall (Group A) and Miryang City Hall (Group B) in the men’s general division recorded one win each, and KGC Ginseng Corporation in the women’s general division B defeated Hwaseong City Hall 3-1 and took first place in the group. cruised towards

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