Lee Jung-hyun, who grew up as a main player in his second year as a pro, is holding back for a while. Still, he was grateful for the opportunity and focused on his dreams of spring basketball.

Lee Jung-hyun is playing an active role as the team’s main guard this season. Although he is only in his second season as a pro, manager Kim Seung-gi is appointing him as the team’s main ball handler. His playing time alone shows his weight. As of the 22nd, the accumulated time is 1430 minutes and 11 seconds, ranking first in all professional basketball.

A longer run time means a lot of stamina consumption. The same goes for Lee Jung-hyun, who is still young. In the last two rounds, he scored an average of 17.4 points, but in the fifth round, his pace dropped slightly to an average of 10.2 points. He showed ups and downs during the game, and it also increased when coach Kim Seung-gi shouted at him during the operation time. This is the reason why there are views that Lee Jung-hyun suffers from physical problems due to excessively long playing time.

Still, Lee Jung-hyun said, “Thank you for the opportunity.” In a phone call with this magazine, Lee Jung-hyun was delighted, saying, “I am grateful to be able to receive so many opportunities. Even though I have only been in the professional league for two years, they gave me many opportunities, and thanks to them I was able to compete full-time.”

Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi is known as one of the best ‘guard trainers’ in Korea. His position as a player was also a guard, and after intensively nurturing Byun Jun-hyung while leading Anyang KGC, he raised him to be the top guard in Korea.

How did director Kim Seung-gi’s strictness appear to Lee Jung-hyun? Lee Jung-hyun laughed, saying, “The coach has been strict even from the beginning of the season.” He said, “There is no physical part to the problems I’ve been experiencing lately. It’s not just about playing, it’s because there are so many things to do on the court.”

In his two years as a professional, he has already gone through two managers. Last year, Lee Jung-hyun also received a lot of attention from Goyang Orion coach Kang Eul-jun. His team name and coach have changed, but the command tower’s interested gaze remains the same. Lee Jung-hyun said, “The two of you have very different styles.” He recalled, “Coach Eul-Jun Kang was with me for only one season, but he was the one who gave the players a lot of autonomy.  메이저사이트

Lee Jung-hyun continued, “Director Kim Seung-gi is a person who really teaches me in detail. He wants the players to do each and every play he wants accurately. Bound pass, steal, how to save the shooter as a guard, my attack and my teammates a chance. He explains in detail how to make it.”

Lee Jung-hyun, who was exhausted, is taking a break like sweet rain. He last played a home game against Seoul Samsung on the 19th and does not play during February. Lee Jung-hyun said, “Recently, my performance has declined a lot, but I will recover my pace while resting well.”

Carrot, who is in 5th place with 22 wins and 20 losses in the regular league, is likely to advance to spring basketball. Although the team’s recent unpaid bills may prevent them from participating in the playoffs, their performance is above expectations. Lee Jung-hyun smiled, saying, “It’s still too early to tell about my resolve for spring basketball.” “I experienced spring basketball for the first time last season, and I really enjoyed it. It was more fun than in the regular league, so I want to experience that one more time. I believe that if you do, you will grow as a player. For that growth, I will do my best to advance to the playoffs.”

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