After the 2023 season, Kiwoom outfielder Lee Jung-hoo (25), who is challenging the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB), joined hands with ‘super agent’ Scott Boras (71). As he becomes a member of the Boras Division, the world’s best baseball agency, it is expected that his advance into the United States will gain momentum.

On the 25th, Boras Corporation uploaded a photo of Boras and Lee Jung-hoo taken together at their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, on Instagram and wrote, “Welcome to our company.” Lee Jung-hoo’s father, LG coach Lee Jong-beom, and his mother, Jeong Yeon-hee, were also present at the event. 카지노

Boras, who is evaluated as a ‘devil’ by the club but an ‘angel’ by the players, is an agent representing MLB. Every year, contracts of astronomical amounts are made through his hands. In 2019, Stove League opened the era of a contract total of $ 1 billion (approximately 1.23 trillion won) for the first time in baseball agent history.

This winter, he once again topped the $1 billion mark. At the end of last year, shortstop Sander Bohartz and San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 345 billion won) contract, and at the beginning of this year, Rafael Devers and Boston signed a contract for 11 years, $331 million (approximately 345 billion won). 407.8 billion won) contract.

Boras also has a deep relationship with Korean players. Pitcher Park Chan-ho (retired), who signed a 5-year, 65 million dollar (approximately 80.1 billion won) contract with the Texas Rangers at the end of 2001, and outfielder Choo Shin-soo, who signed a 7-year, 130 million dollar (approximately 160.2 billion won) contract with the Texas Rangers at the end of 2013. Current SSG) were all his clients. Left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin also signed a 4-year, $80 million (approximately 98.6 billion won) contract with Toronto at the end of 2019 with Boras on his side.

Lee Jung-hoo, who had the best season last year by winning 5 batting crowns, knocks on the big league stage through the posting system (private competitive bidding) after this season. At the end of 2012, when Ryu Hyun-jin entered the United States through the same system, he was interested in exceeding the terms of the contract. Ryu Hyun-jin joined the Los Angeles Dodgers that year and signed a 6-year contract worth 36 million dollars (approximately 44.4 billion won).

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