“I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

It was the earnestness of former Arsene manager Arsene Wenger, the ‘legend’. Arsenal had a golden opportunity this season. Arsenal, which is aiming for its first championship in 19 years, is running at the top of the league. The football that coach Mikel Arteta has created over the past few years is blossoming. But lately it has been in a slump. The match against Brentford overlapped until the omin. Arsenal are 1st, 3 points ahead of 2nd placed Manchester City. Anxiety surrounds Arsenal. 온라인카지노

Wenger’s heart to see this is just sad. On the 14th (Korean time), he said through Bein Sports, “Next season the situation may not be as good as this. So I hope you don’t miss this opportunity.” He said, “Man City, our championship rivals, are not as dominant as the last two seasons. Especially the defense is not good,” he said. “You have to win when you can win.

Wenger visited the Emirates Stadium for the first time last December. It was the first time since his retirement in 2018. He said, “Part of my life has come to an end. It felt complicated. At first, I wanted to distance myself from the team and focus on the new coach. It was the right time, and it was more meaningful because it was the Christmas season. The team did well and the fans were happy. I was happy to see him doing it.”

Lastly, he sent affectionate advice, saying, “The atmosphere of the team is good. The players’ skills are also good. There will be moments when we cannot win in the future, but we have to overcome it like now.”

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