It was March of last year. Hitting coach Lee Ho-joon, who wore the LG pinstripe uniform for the first time, picked the players he was looking forward to at the end of the spring camp. In addition to the players who have already risen to the starting lineup, it is predicted that four players in their 20s, Moon Bo-gyeong, Song Chan-eui, Lee Jae-won, and Lee Young-bin, will lead LG in the future.

Among them, the player who rated the most highly was Moon Bo-kyung. At the time, coach Lee said, “The player who came up the most at this camp was Moon Bo-kyung. It seems that his experience has accumulated by playing more than 100 games for the first team last year. Basically, he is good at pushing and pulling at bats.” He did not hide his expectations for Moon Bo-kyung.

Expectations became reality. Moon Bo-kyung played 126 games in the 2022 season and recorded a batting average of 0.315, 9 homers, 7 steals, 56 RBIs, 52 points, and an OPS of 0.833. WAR (contribution to victory versus substitute player: statistic standard) was 4.02, which was the second highest among third basemen after SSG Choi Jeong. LG’s third base, which had always been a concern, was resolved with the leap of Moon Bo-kyung. Regarding Moon Bo-kyung’s position this season, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “I will fix him at third base. He will continue to see third base without going to first base,” he said.

The next runner chosen by coach Lee this year is Song Chan-eui. During his exhibition game last year, he hit 6 home runs and made his name known. After the season, he participated in the Australian League Geelong Korea and played an active role with a batting average of 0.324 OPS and 0.979. Coach Lee said on the 7th (Korean time), “I am looking forward to Chan-eui this year. It’s amazing to see Chanui playing these days. He hits with about 80% power and goes over the fence. He seems to have found that he can send it far without having to hit hard. He seems to be making good use of what he felt on his own,” he said with a hearty smile.

In fact, on this day, Song Chan-eui formed a batting team with Lee Jae-won, Moon Seong-joo, Kim Ki-yeon, and Jeon Jun-ho and consistently fired strong batting balls. Batting ball pitcher Park Gyeong-wan, battery coach, also did not hide his admiration for Chan-eui Song’s hitting. Coach Lee said, “Until last year, Chanui was paying attention to his surroundings. Not now. He has gained a lot of confidence,” explaining Song Chan-eui’s changed attitude. 카지노

There is no overface. The reason for the small number of fielding entries, 6 infielders, 7 outfielders, and 4 catchers, is also to prevent overface. Coach Lee said, “Last year, there were a lot of players competing and overdoing to get into the entry. Chanui was like that too. He over-faced from the beginning of the camp and did well in the demonstration game, but when he entered the season, he fell.” Except for the two catchers, it is the first team. Thanks to that, I think that kind of appearance will be reduced now. I think the director’s idea is good.”

It is LG that becomes a full batting line only when young blood rises. Coach Lee said, “There were a few players who hit career highs last year, but I can’t count them doing the same this year. So, the main players lowered their estimates a bit. Here, Chae Eun-seong has to fill in about 100 RBIs,” he said. “In the end, young players such as Song Chan-eui and Lee Jae-won have to do it. hope they do I will pray every time I go to bat,” he laughed.

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