In the K-League, Daejeon is on the rise these days.

Captain Joo Se-jong returns wearing a mask like Son Heung-min and is leading the promotion team blast.

Reporter Kim Tae-woon met.

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The 3rd place match that is causing a sensation with the most points in the league.

After struggling against Geoje in the K4 League last week in the FA Cup, captain Ju Se-jong strongly criticized his juniors.

[Ju Se-jong/Daejeon (last 12th)]
“You guys should be really ashamed. They’re K4. What are they doing here. You pros, pros. You guys are K-League 1 players.”

After winning, he didn’t miss out on some loving advice.

[Joo Se-jong/Daejeon (Last 12th)]
“You guys are training in a really good environment with good treatment. They are more professional and we feel a little more like K4?”스포츠토토

The captain’s prickly advice was a great impetus to stop the leader Ulsan’s 7-game winning streak.

[Joo Se-jong/Daejeon] “Didn’t I get so angry without realizing it because I
feel like my pride for Daejeon Hana Citizen is very low?”

Joo Se-jong returned after a month wearing a mask due to a fracture around his eye.

The mask was unfamiliar to the extent that there were still many mistakes.

[Ju Se-jong/Daejeon]
“I couldn’t see the ball well and it was a bit difficult to judge the situation. In the case of (Son) Heung-min, he really put in a lot of effort for Korean soccer, even while competing with world-class players in the World Cup. “

Daejeon, which has no big stars, but is receiving a lot of attention from fans, showing unyielding football and sticky football, and already surpassing the total number of spectators last season after 4 games in 3rd place in average home attendance.

Joo Sejong is new and happy every day.

[Ju Se-jong/Daejeon]
“I think I’m feeling a lot of emotions this season that I haven’t felt before. The fact that we’re all growing together makes me feel really happy.”

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