Men’s handball Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation has come close to winning the championship by winning the first leg of the championship match.

Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation won a new victory with Doosan 31-30 in the first leg of the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League Men’s Championship held at the Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium in Seoul on the 5th. After a tight confrontation with 11-11 in the first half and 16-16 in the second half, they smiled with a score of 4-3 in the game toss. He won 1 win in the Champion Match, a best-of-3 match. Aiming for the first championship in history.

This season, in the regular league, they ranked second with 25 points (12 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses). He won the first round of the playoffs against 3rd place Hanam City Hall (24 points, 11 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses) and advanced to the championship game. The playoffs were conducted in such a way that the second-place team would go directly to the championship game if it won the first game.

Doosan, the opponent in the championship match, is a traditional male handball player. In the past 11 seasons, he has won the championship 10 times. Since 2015, it has conquered the top for 7 consecutive seasons and is challenging for 8 consecutive championships this year. 1st place in the regular league (31 points, 14 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses), laying the groundwork. Doosan also had the upper hand against Incheon this season with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Incheon succeeded in creating a reversal in the first round of the championship. Yoon Si-yeol was selected as MVP of the game with 8 goals including a game throw. Shim Jae-bok contributed 5 goals. In Doosan, Chung Eui-kyung scored 7 goals and Lee Han-sol scored 7 goals.크크크벳

The two teams, which had been tossing and turning throughout the first and second half, headed to the game toss. Doosan Lee Han-sol and Incheon Jung Su-young both scored first. Doosan Kim Yeon-bin scored a goal, but Incheon Ha Min-ho was blocked by opposing goalkeeper Park Chan-young’s save. Doosan Chung Eui-kyung, who made the third sortie, failed to score a goal, while Sim Jae-bok of Incheon scored a goal, balancing the score at 2-2.

Doosan Gangjeon-gu, the fourth runner, swallowed regret at the save by opponent goalkeeper Lee Chang-woo. Incheon Kim Rak-chan shook the net and took a 3-2 lead. Next, Doosan Cho Tae-hun and Incheon Yoon Si-yeol both scored goals, and Incheon teamed up with the goddess of victory 4-3.

The second leg of the championship will be held on the 7th at 12 noon.

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