professional volleyball men’s KEPCO, putting Woori Card into a 5-game losing streak, sparking a fight for the middle ranks.

KEPCO won a come-from-behind victory with a set score of 3-2 (24-26 21-25 25-21 25-22 15-8) against Woori Card in the Suwon home game held on the 12th after a close match of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Foreign player Thais Deul Host (32, Netherlands, registered name Thais) scored the most 32 points (attack success rate 54.55%) of both teams, and Seo Jae-deok (34) solved 15 points. Lim Seong-jin (24) was responsible for 13 points and recorded a respectable receiving efficiency (55.56%), playing an active part in both offense and defense, and veteran Shin Young-seok (37) also scored 11 points including 6 blocking points. done

KEPCO was shaken by Woori Card’s strong serve and gave up the first and second sets, making the start uneasy. While Woori Card inserted 5 sub-aces, KEPCO only raised 1.

However, in the 3rd set, which was the match, KEPCO’s Thais scored 9 points, and Jae-deok Seo and Seong-jin Lim scored 2 sub-aces and 1 sub-ace, respectively, bringing the atmosphere.

In the 4th set, KEPCO took the lead in blocking (5-2) and serve (2-0), beating Woori Card early. took

KEPCO, who fell into a 9-game losing streak this season and struggled at the bottom, brought down OK Financial Group to 5th place (39 points, 13 wins and 15 losses) with the victory on this day, and 4th place in the league (41 points), which can aim for’Spring Volleyball’. 13 wins and 15 losses). The V-League regular season lasts until round 6, and the first place team in the regular season goes directly to the championship match, and the second and third place teams play the playoffs. However, if the difference in points between the 3rd and 4th place teams is less than 3 points, the two teams will play a semi-playoff (single game) to determine the team that advances to the playoffs. 먹튀검증

On the other hand, Woori Card fell into a 5-game losing streak. In particular, Woori Card has been groaning lately due to lack of concentration at the end, losing 4 out of 5 consecutive losses after close matches in full sets. Woori Card, who took 1 victory point, tied KEPCO on points, but took a lead in many wins and narrowly maintained 3rd place (41 points, 14 wins and 14 losses). In the V-League, if the points are the same, the team with the most wins is ranked higher. The two teams each have 8 regular league games left.

In the women’s division, KGC Ginseng Corporation defeated GS Caltex 3-1 (25-17 26-24 19-25 25-22) in an away game in Seoul. Foreign player Elisabeth Ine Varga (24, Hungary, registered name Elisabeth) played a key role in the team’s victory with 29 points (44.83% attack success rate), the most among both teams. Jeong Ho-young (22) scored 17 points, including 5 blocking points, and Lee So-young (29) scored double-digit points with 12 points, contributing to the team’s victory.

KGC Ginseng Corporation solved the game with a blocking iron wall (16-5) with a ‘triple tower’ consisting of Elisabeth (192cm), Jeong Ho-young (190cm), and Park Eun-jin (24/187cm). The three combined for 10 blocked runs.

On that day, Uee (35, real name Kim Yujin), a former member of the girl group After School, and Oh My Girl’s Hyojeong (29, real name Choi Hyojeong) had a heated cheering match in the audience.

KGC Ginseng Corporation (41 points, 13 wins, 15 losses), which took 3 points, surpassed GS Caltex (39 points, 13 wins, 15 losses) and rose to 4th place. The difference between the 3rd place Korea Expressway Corporation (44 points) is 3 points.

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