The 6-foot-4 midfielder is a goal-scoring machine, scoring six goals in five games in the tournament.

He’s virtually booked the top scorer and has two assists.

He fits the description of a “midfielder” – a cross between a midfielder and a striker – as he scored three goals and provided two assists with his head alone, and his delivery, positioning, and footwork are excellent.

He converted both of his own penalties, so for a team that conceded three goals from the penalty spot, he’s a player we need to be extra vigilant.

[Cassaday/Italy U-20 National Team Midfielder: It’s definitely going to be a very difficult game (against South Korea). Korea is a very strong team and we are watching the video and analyzing it].

Led by Cassaday, Italy has been a scorching attacking force with 11 goals in the tournament, but it hasn’t exactly been a solid defensive unit, a trademark of Italian football.

They conceded six goals, one more than we did, and four of them came when their flanks were breached.

We too plan to attack the flanks with quick counterattacks.

The roles of Bae Joon-ho and Kim Yong-hak, left and right flankers with good breakthrough ability and crosses, will be important.메이저놀이터

[Kim Yong-hak/U-20 World Cup striker: I think our biggest advantage is that we play together as a team when attacking and defending, and our counterattacks, as we’ve scored goals in this tournament].

Our ‘masterpiece’ set-pieces from the feet of our captain Lee Seung-won, who has four assists from free kicks and corners, are also our sharpest spear to pierce the Italian defense.

International bookmakers are giving Italy much higher odds of winning.

We just need our players to shatter those predictions in style.

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