Reporter Park Moon-soo = “Osimen is a player not for sale,” said

Napoli president De Laurentiis on the transfer rumors of ace Osimen.

According to Football Italia, president De Laurentiis said: “Osimen is not for sale. The players are in high demand, but we will not be selling anyone. Our team has no debt.”

The Italian Serie A hot issue this season is definitely Napoli. once strong The new structure also went well. Many of the team’s veteran players have left, but the squad has been reinforced through appropriate recruitment. It immediately led to an improvement in performance.

The self-destruction of rivals also helped. Juventus lost points due to book manipulation. Inter kicked off a little late. Milan has no answer. exactly no money

The performance of the new players was good, but the story of Osimen cannot be left out. Osimen is one of the secrets to Napoli’s Serie A dominance this season. Osimen, who was once called a wonder goal maker, has grown one step further this season.

the record tells He scored 16 goals in Serie A alone. Considering the games missed due to injury, it is 16 goals in 17 games. In every critical situation, he played the role of a solver properly. too young Born in 1998. I am 24 years old. The physical condition is also good.

Even though he is young, he is receiving attention from big hands as his skills are guaranteed. As for United, he is eyeing O Simen as the team’s new central striker. Even in the summer, Man Utd tried to sign Osimen, but it failed. 안전놀이터

Chelsea also need strikers. It has already succeeded in extensive reinforcement. There is Lukaku, but he is in a rental status. It was normal at Chelsea. no i just couldn’t As much as he had fun with Drogba in the past, it is a scenario that he turns his attention to Osimen, an African striker. PSG also has an MNM trio, but there is no striker to accompany them.

However, De Laurentiis’ position was firm. As much as it goes well, it is a policy to minimize the ace breakaway.

Meanwhile, Serie A leaders Napoli are knocking on their first quarter-final advance to the UEFA Champions League. Opponent is Frankfurt. Although Napoli is expected to dominate in terms of power, Frankfurt is the team that won the top spot in the UEFA Europa League by defeating Barcelona the previous season.

Regarding this, President De Laurentiis said, “At first, it seemed like an easy match. But it doesn’t seem like it. It was like that this season. We shouldn’t make the same mistake,” he showed a cautious reaction.

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