Matching the warm spring weather, a large crowd of 8,250 people came to the Incheon soccer stadium. But throughout the game, only faint groans could be heard. The record of 11 shots (Incheon United 6, Daegu FC 5) made by Incheon United FC and Daegu FC players was also poor, but even two effective shots each did not feel the unique thrill of football.

Some of the coaching staff, including coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who leads the men’s soccer team, came to the scene, but the game was so dry that it was difficult to keep their seats until the final whistle blew. It is worth evaluating that the voices opposing the 9 match-fixing pardons spread by Incheon United FC supporters immediately after kick-off were the most impressive scene. 먹튀검증

Incheon United FC, led by coach Cho Seong-hwan, tied the home game against Daegu FC in the 2023 K-League 1 at 4:30 pm on the 1st (Sat) at the Incheon Soccer Stadium without a goal and finished in 7th place (1 win, 2 draws, 2 points). Lose 5 points, 10 points lost) I barely kept my spot.

With the sound of referee Kim Jong-hyuk’s kick-off whistle, Incheon United FC supporters’ blue-black team in S-seat said, “Against match-fixing pardons,” “Discussing amnesty for whom?” and “Fans are not dogs and pigs.” Nine banners were raised at once to denounce the decision to withdraw after being hit by public opinion after announcing the announcement. 

Away fans of Daegu FC on the other side also hung up two banners, “If you lose credit, it’s over!” and “We will remember 100 years later,” aiming at the Korea Football Association president for the highest position even before kick-off, and took them off after the game started. .

However, as if foreshadowing that a certain phenomenon would appear if the Football Association’s arbitrariness was neglected, the actual game was of little interest. It was partly because the key players of both teams, Lee Myeong-joo (Incheon United FC) and Sejing-ya (Daegu FC), were missing side by side, but as if they didn’t want to show it to the national coach of the Korea Football Association, both teams’ attacks were substandard. Compared to the total of 16 goals (3.2 goals in 5 games) in the remaining 5 games in the 5th round, it is bound to look more shabby.

In the 83rd minute, Daegu FC’s Ko Jae-hyeon put an amazing left-footed volley into the top left corner of Incheon United FC’s goal, but Lee Yong-rae’s second cross position, which just before scored the left corner kick, turned out to be offside, so he had no choice but to put on an unfair expression. .

Incheon United FC’s only effective shot was Hernandez’s right-footed diagonal shot at the end of the 4th minute of extra time in the second half. Daegu FC’s goalkeeper Oh Seung-hoon, who calmly waited at an angle, blocked it with his right foot, which was almost the only resilience left.

Incheon United FC, which stayed in 7th place, visited Jeonju on the 9th at 4:30 pm to meet 8th place Jeonbuk Hyundai, and 6th place Daegu FC met 4th place FC Seoul a day earlier (8th) at 4:30 pm. I’m going to the Seoul World Cup Stadium to meet him. 

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