“We’re going to have to run anomalies when it counts”

It’s been a brutal June for Samsung. Samsung will play its final game of June against Hanwha on June 30 at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu.

Samsung’s record in June was 7 wins and 17 losses. It had the lowest winning percentage among the 10 clubs. They’ve also fallen to the bottom of the standings. This is a shocking result for a team that has never finished last since its inception.

Samsung’s players got a break on the 29th when their game against Sajik Lotte was canceled due to rain. It wasn’t a bad break considering their recent form, which included two straight losses to Lotte.

Samsung’s challenge now is to rebound before the All-Star break. Already, Oh “Endgame Captain” Seung-hwan has returned to the first team roster. Koo Ja-rook, who has a hamstring injury, is also expected to return before the All-Star break, as he will play in the Futures League starting next week.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man revealed his plans for the last half of the season ahead of the game against Hanwha in Daegu on April 30.

“The bullpen is struggling right now, so I think we’ll have to make some changes at key moments,” Park said. “I’m thinking of using players who are in good shape to pitch at the most important moments.” The same goes for Oh Seung-hwan.온라인바카

The same goes for Oh Seung-hwan. He doesn’t have a specific role, such as closer or setup man, and his timing can change depending on his physical condition.

“He hasn’t played in the first team yet, but he’s a very conscientious player, so he’s been preparing well in the Futures,” said Park Jin-man, referring to the fact that Oh Seung-hwan was promoted to the first team after appearing in only one game in the Futures League. “Young players go up and down periodically to get a feel for the game, but Oh Seung-hwan is an experienced player, so he can take care of himself,” Park said.

Will Samsung be able to show a different side before the All-Star break? Park Jin-man said, “The players are preparing well to make a difference. I think I need to prepare a little more thoroughly as well,” Park said, adding, “We don’t have many games in the first half of the season, and there are changes in the weather, so I think we need to operate like a short game.” He shared his pitching plan for the rest of the first half. Samsung has 12 games left before the All-Star break.

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