“Today’s game 80 points. I could have done more…”

The Japanese women’s university selection won 79-57 in the first game against the Korean women’s university selection of the 46th Korea-Japan College Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 19th. .

Japan’s Miyu Okamoto took the lead in Japan’s victory, recording 16 points and 5 rebounds, including two 3-pointers.

Okamoto said, “I was very happy to come to Korea and play first. It was impressive and fun to play against players with strong stamina.”

Okamoto scored Japan’s performance that day, saying, “About 80 points.”

He explained, “I could have done better, but it didn’t work. I should have done something like an easy shot while putting more pressure on the opponent, but it’s unfortunate that I made a mistake in that area.”

Prior to the tournament, Japan had a relatively longer preparation period than Korea.

Okamoto said, “Ten out of the 11 people who came this time are members who have been preparing since last year because they are also preparing for the Universiade.”메이저놀이터

In the Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament prior to this tournament, there was a reputation that Japan’s ability was superior to Korea’s women’s college team. What did Okamoto think about this?

Okamoto replied, “I thought that there would be a part where we were pushed back because the players of the Korean team were strong, so we said let’s prepare for this.

Finally, Okamoto expressed his determination to prepare for the next match, saying, “I learned what kind of team the Korean selection team is through today’s match. From next time, I will play more aggressively.”

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