“Failure to prepare is to prepare for failure” (Benjamin Franklin)

Former CEO Park Han-seok (2011-21), who built a surplus system while managing Palgong Country Club for over 10 years, spent a year following his retirement. He published a book titled ‘You must know the CEO’s experience of golf course management’. 222 pages, published by Yeongnam Golf Industry Nol Research Institute. not for sale.

As the title suggests, this book is a strategy guide to creating a luxury golf course. In addition, it contains not only the revision and establishment of the sports facilities law classification system system, but also the development and development of golf as a new growth engine industry at the government level. In particular, the points pointed out in the preface of the book are impressive. “After the COVID-19 pandemic, the golf market has benefited greatly compared to other industries, but public opinion is not good because various services such as green fee issues, reservation system, food and beverage, game progress, and course management for golf course users are still not improved. .”(7p) The 메이저사이트

author told golf course CEOs, “We must have stable surplus management through various operational management and sales policies through change, and at the same time, we must have alternatives through constant consideration for facility investment in preparation for the future.” In my experience, all executives and staff members should create a luxury golf course with lawn care and friendly service with the determination that ‘we are the owners’.”

This book contains: ▷ Origin and history of golf ▷ Basic golf course ▷ Golf course manager’s role and expertise in turf course management (grass growth, energy source, quality evaluation, etc.) ▷ Organization and operation management status that managers need to know ▷ Finance Management can be seen only when you need to know the statement ▷Cause of poor management and deficit of domestic golf courses and how to improve management ▷Main controversial provisions of the Sports Facility Act related to golf courses ▷It consists of the names of golf tournaments and the current status of major prize money at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, CEO Park Jeon, director of the Korea Golf Course Management Association, graduated from Daegu Technical High School and Yeungnam University with a degree in economics. He started working for Nylon Korea (currently Kolon), worked as a public official in Daegu, worked as an executive at Maeil Newspaper (non-executive registered director), and then as CEO of Palgong CC. did.

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