The position that is expected to be the most competitive for the KIA Tigers this season is the catcher position.

There are concerns about power leaks due to the departure of main catcher Park Dong-won from FA, but fierce competition to take the starting position using the crisis as an opportunity is already heating up the spring camp.

Reporter Kim Jae-hyun assists.

Unexpected Park Dong-won’s FA transfer.

The departure of the main catcher ahead of this season is the biggest worry for KIA fans.

However, on the other hand, there is also an expectation that the fierce internal competition to take the place where the immovable main catcher left will create a synergistic effect.

A total of four catchers participated in the Arizona spring camp this time.

The players who are considered to be one step ahead in the competition for starting positions are Han Seung-taek, who had the second most appearances last season, and Joo Hyo-sang, a newly recruited prospect ahead of this season.

Han Seung-taek, who made his professional debut with the Hanwha Eagles in 2013 and moved to KIA in 2016, has been steadily improving his skills since 2017 by playing half of the games.

This year, at the age of 30, we are more determined than ever to firmly establish ourselves as the main catcher, not as a promising prospect. 온라인바카라

▶ Sink: Han Seung-taek / KIA Tigers Catcher
– “There have been times where I’ve played a lot of games and back-ups, but I think my biggest goal is to play as many games as a starter.”

Another main candidate is Joo Hyo-sang, who joined Kiwoom Heroes and transferred this winter after being discharged from the military.

Joo Hyo-sang, who was nominated for the first round of Nexen Heroes in 2016 as a promising player from the youth team, was evaluated that he did not grow as much as expected on the professional stage, but with the transfer, he is aiming for a new leap forward.

▶ Sink: Joo Hyo-sang / KIA Tigers catcher
– “I will work hard and work hard so that fans can hear that I am good at catcher without worrying about this season.”

Fans are also interested in whether the goodwill competition between KIA catchers to occupy the starting positions, such as Shin Bum-soo and Kim Seon-woo, who participated in this spring camp with Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang, and Han Jun-su, who returned from active military service at the end of last year, will lead to KIA’s leap this season. .

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