Park Ji-won (27, Seoul City Hall), the signboard of the short track men’s national team, added gold medals in the 1000m and 5000m relay at the 6th International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup competition in the 2022-2023 season, showing ‘the beauty of the end’. Reaped.

Park Ji-won won the men’s 1000m final at the 6th ISU Short Track World Cup held in Dordrecht, Netherlands on the 13th (Korean time) with a time of 1:25:359, beating Pascal Dion (Canada, 1:25:514).

With this, Park Ji-won stood at the top of the 1000m in the 2nd and 4th to 6th World Cup competitions, winning four times. In the 1500m event, he won the 1st and 3rd to 6th competitions five times, sweeping nine gold medals in the World Cup individual event. If the relay is included, the number of gold medals increases to 14. 메이저사이트

Park Ji-won, who was conducting a search battle in the fourth round of the 1000m race, went out to the outer course with three laps to go and rose to second place with two laps to go. Afterwards, Park Ji-won, who continued to overtake through out-of-course cornering, broke through the gaps in his opponents’ struggles and crossed the finish line first, rising to first place at the last minute.

In the men’s 5000m relay that followed, Park Ji-won won the championship by recording 6 minutes 47 seconds 048 in harmony with Lee Dong-hyun, Lim Yong-jin and Kim Tae-sung. Korea, which took the lead at the beginning of the race, did not allow China and Japan to pursue in the race that continued. With five laps to go, Japan fell behind in the competition and Korea competed for the gold medal with China. Park Ji-won, the last runner, crossed the finish line first with explosive speed and won the gold medal.

Meanwhile, in the women’s 1000m final, ‘teenage power’ Gilly Kim recorded 1:33:037, taking second place after Courtney Saro (Canada, 1:32:930). In the women’s 500m, Shim Suk-hee placed third in Final B (43.806 seconds).

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