Bibongo advanced to the round of 16 in the Golden Lions for the first time since its founding in 2018 with a come-from-behind victory in two consecutive games.

In the 77th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League Wangjungwang Game 2nd Round (Round of 32) held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 19th, Bibongo’s Park Min-gu (’18, junior year)’s walk-off hit after 2 outs at the end of the 9th put Jinyeong High to 5-5. cut to 4

Even in the first round, Bibongo recorded an 11-10 victory over Daejeon Jeil High School with Baek Jae-hyeon (18, 3rd grade), who came out as the lead batter in the bottom of the ninth inning, as a solo catcher.

After exchanging 1 point each with Jinyoung-go, Bibongo scored an extra point with a bunt and a sacrifice fly in the 4th inning, maintaining a 2-1 1-point lead until the 8th inning.

Bibongo ace Lee Woo-hyeon (18), who had been on the mound since the 8th inning, went on the mound again in the 9th inning and grabbed two out counts, seemingly confirming the victory without an attack in the bottom of the 9th.

However, Jin Young-go scored two outs with a hit ball and a walk, then hit a double at the right time and overturned the score to 4-2 in an instant.

The team’s ace was hit by a sweeping double and collapsed, but the sound of the Bibongo dugout grew louder. Lee Woo-hyun also struck out the next hitter from Jin Young-go and closed the top of the 9th inning with no additional runs.

Bibongo also started counterattacking with two outs in the ninth inning. In the bottom of the 9th inning, after the lead hitter reached base with a hit ball, Bibongo easily caught up with a run with a follow-up hit, and then sent a bunt to make it 1 run and 3 base. However, when the ground ball was hit, the runner on third base rushed home and died, and the runner in scoring position disappeared.

With the second out runner on first base, Bibongo tied the score at 4-4 with consecutive hits and continued to have opportunities for runners on first and third base. When Baek Jae-hyeon (19, 3rd grade), the 4th hitter who hit the home run to end the first round, entered the at-bat, Jinyoung High School chose an intentional walk.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, two outs loaded the bases. Third baseman Park Min-goo, who hit the bat vigorously from the first pitch, pulled the slider of opposing pitcher Jang Seong-moo (18, 3), and the ball easily crossed the infield and landed in the left outfield.

Park Min-goo said, “I already thought we would win from the time we gave the sweeping score in the top of the 9th inning. Woohyun (who gave the score in the beginning of the ninth inning) was depressed, so the batters confidently said, ‘I’ll do my best.’” I got a hit in my first at-bat today, and I didn’t get a hit after that, but I was confident because good balls were coming out.”

Park Min-goo said, “My goal is to go to the semifinals of this tournament with my friends. My friends said they had been to the quarterfinals during the phoenix period, so I set it higher than that.”

Park Min-goo played baseball at Jeon High School until his freshman year, but he didn’t get a chance to play. As a sophomore, he transferred to Bibon High School where Baek Jae-hyeon, his alumni from Gongju Jungdong Elementary School-Gongju Middle School, attended.

Jeonju High School suffered a 6th cold loss (0-14) to Chungam High School in the 2nd round of this tournament, and was frustrated from advancing to the round of 16. Park Min-goo said, “I can’t help it. Now our team has to do well.”메이저놀이터

When asked how he felt about winning the 1st round with his best friend Baek Jae-hyun’s finishing touch, and the 2nd round with his finishing hit, Park Min-goo said, “In the 3rd round, all the players will hit well together to win.”

In the first round, he got three walks, but Park Min-goo, who was hitless in two at-bats, said, “Today, a good ball came out from the first at-bat. He also hit a home run in the weekend league, and he also hit a foul home run today, so a home run is likely to come soon,” he added.

Jeon Jeon, head coach of Bibongo, said, “Today, I made a lot of mistakes. It was a game saved by the players,” he said, passing the ball around.

“Our team’s ace is Lee Woo-hyun, and he is still the most trusted player. He cut below 60 pitches even in the first round on the 16th, and did not throw 40 pitches today. It is possible to start the round of 16 on the 21st,” he said.

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