“It’s not a secret, but if you shoot confidently without thinking, it goes in.”

Park (187 cm, G) has drastically improved his three-point shooting percentage, which was a weakness in college.

In his three years of college, Park averaged 14.1 points, 5.9 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.3 steals in 36 games in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, including the 2021 Wang Zhong Wang.

He shot 58.2% (152/261) from two-point range, which is very high for a guard, but 27.7% (41/148) from three-point range. His field goal percentage is 47.2% (193/409), as his two-point and three-point accuracy is about twice as high.

It was similar in last year’s MBC Varsity National College Basketball Tournament. He shot 62.5% (14-of-25) from two-point range, which is almost as good as a big man, but his three-point percentage was a bit disappointing at 30.4% (7-of-23).

This season, it’s the other way around. While his two-point percentage is lower than usual at 50.8% (30/59), his three-point percentage is actually higher at 54.0% (27/50). Thanks to shooting more than twice as many 3-pointers as usual, our field goal percentage is above 50% at 52.3% (57/109).

If he can improve his free throw percentage, which is currently 72.7% (16-of-22), to 80%, he can join the 170 Club. The 170 Club refers to players who shoot 40% from three, 50% from the field, and 80% from the free throw line. For reference, Park’s free throw percentage through his junior year is 71.9% (82/114).

Moon is currently shooting 44.4 percent, 51.2 percent, and 87.5 percent in these categories, respectively, which puts him in the 170 club. If he can improve his free throw percentage, he can reach the 180 club (90% free throws), but he finished with 170 after being selected to the U19 Basketball World Cup team.

It’s important to note that Park has more than doubled his three-point shooting percentage from last year’s 26.6% (17/64). Of course, he shot 45.0% (18/40) from three-point range in the first and third tournaments of the 2021 College Basketball League (the second was canceled).

Park also made four 3-pointers in the first game against Japan in the Korea-Japan University Selection Basketball Tournament last month, leading his team to victory.

His three-point shooting has been even sharper since he missed a home game against Chosun University on April 13. In his last five games, Park is shooting a whopping 69.2% (18-of-26) from three-point range. He’s showing a level of three-point shooting that’s hard to miss.메이저놀이터

Demonstrating his three-point shooting at its peak, Park, who made six three-pointers in the last two games against Dongguk University, said, “It’s not a secret, but if I shoot confidently without thinking about it, it goes in. Last year, I was thinking about it before I shot it, so it didn’t go in, but this year, I really don’t think about it, so it goes in.” “I have faith in my teammates, and my teammates trust me and give me passes, so (the shots) go in, and I feel like our team is getting better and better,” he said, sharing the secret to his improved three-point shooting.

If Park maintains his vastly improved three-point shooting, he will not only be at the center of the team’s title run, but he will also be able to enter the professional ranks with a better reputation.

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