The 21st Yeosu Open Tennis Tournament, which continues the history and tradition of the domestic Open Tennis Tournament, has completed the men’s singles preliminary round and the main lineup has been completed. The competition, which is heating up with the participation of large numbers of domestic unemployment, university, and junior players, concluded the preliminary finals on February 26 and confirmed the singles final 64 draws.

In the preliminary final held on the 26th, Kim Dong-gun (Monkey Elite AC) defeated Joo Tae-wan (Seoul High School) to advance to the finals, and Ko Min-ho and Kim Se-hyeon of Yanggu High School and Lee Woong-bin of Seoincheon High School survived to join the finals. 안전놀이터

In addition, Kim Min-joon of Ulsan University, Eom Doo-hyeon of Soonchunhyang University, Song Seung-ha and Lee Chang-hoon of Myongji University advanced to the finals, while Kim Hyung-don, Song Woo-dam, and Kim Seong-hun of Anseong City Hall, Song Seung-yoon of Changwon City Hall, Kim Byung-hun of the Armed Forces Sports Corps, and Yoon Hyun-deok of Dangjin City Hall passed the preliminary round. advancing to the finals

Lee Jae-moon (KDB Industrial Bank), the 4th ranked champion in Korea, was seeded 1st in the finals, Choo Seok-hyeon (Soonchunhyang University), the strongest player in the university, was seeded 2nd, Jeong Hong (Gimpo City Hall) was seeded 3rd, and Kim Jae-hwan (Anseong City Hall) was seeded 4th. I accepted it and went to the top challenge.

In the first round of the women’s finals, Park Ryeong-gyeong, who graduated from Incheon University and settled in Gyeongsan City Hall, won a set score 2-1 against Choi Seo-in (Goyang City Hall) after a full set match and advanced to the second round (Round of 32), the same Incheon City Hall team In the confrontation between Dainhee Kim and Daye Kim, Daye Kim won and joined the second round.

Oh Seo-jin (Myongji University) defeated Kim Soo-jin (Incheon National University), Park Eun-yeong (Suwon City Hall) defeated Kim Ye-rin (Incheon University), and Ryu Ha-young (Gyeongsan City Hall) defeated Shin Joo-ae of the new Chungnam Provincial Office to advance to the second round.

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