After the FA (free agent) market was closed, the move of Pepper Savings Bank, the youngest team in women’s professional volleyball, emerged as an issue.

Pepper Savings Bank succeeded in recruiting Park Jeong-ah, the main player who led Korea Expressway Corporation to the champion in the second FA market after its establishment. Park Jung-ah, who has clear advantages in offense and blocking, is also the captain of the national team. From the perspective of Pepper Savings Bank, a strong team icon was created.

However, when Park Jung-ah was recruited, Pepper Savings Bank had to provide a compensation player. At this point, the concern grew. Pepper Savings Bank selected six protected players after much thought over the reinforced power and power to be raised.

Afterwards, the Korea Expressway Corporation designated setter Lee Go-eun as a reward player. The Korea Expressway Corporation planned to use Lee Go-eun as a trade card, and negotiations were even carried out with several clubs at an early stage.

Pepper Savings Bank also held an initial negotiating table with Korea Expressway Corporation. However, as things went wrong, it seemed to withdraw after that. After a brief break time and additional coordination, the two teams managed to match the trade card.

In the end, setter Lee Go-eun remained at Pepper Savings Bank, and along with middle blocker Choi Ga-eun, the 2023 rookie draft 1st round nomination right was taken by Korea Expressway Corporation.

The last worry of Pepper Savings Bank was the choice between ‘probability’ and ‘certainty’. In the 2023 rookie draft, middle blocker Kim Se-bin (Han Bom-go), who has an immediate sense of power, is ranked first. She is the daughter of Kim Chul-soo, head of the Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Kim Nam-soon, a married couple who made a name for themselves as national representatives. She is a player who has inherited the volleyball gene and has shown extraordinary movements since middle school.

Pepper Savings Bank’s first-choice probability was 35%. Although it was the highest probability, the probability of failing to nominate Sebin Kim at the same time was 65%, which was much higher than the probability of nomination.

If setter reinforcement is not done, Pepper Savings Bank next season was in a gloomy situation. It was a difficult structure to support with one person and a doctor who had no experience playing a full season. In the end, Pepper Savings Bank abandoned ‘probability’ and took on ‘certainty’. With Lee Go-eun recruited, the setter power was maintained.

The strategy is to build the middle blocker line with MJ Phillips (Philippines), who was selected for the Asian quarter along with Ha Hye-jin’s recovery from injury. Seo Chae-won is also growing.

Pepper Savings Bank is preparing for its third season with difficulty. The expectations for the new season are different from before. Pepper Savings Bank, which spent the first season with 5 new players and 5 non-starters excluding 9 protected players from the existing 6 clubs, found stability little by little by recruiting setter Lee Go-eun as a free agent last season and Oh Ji-young libero in the second half of the season. .

In the third season, outside hitter Park Jung-ah and utility player Chae Seon-ah also add strength. If new foreign players are selected well, the season can continue in a fiercely competitive structure, not on a remote island.

I left homework. I realized that the club’s power needs to be strengthened comprehensively. It is important to strengthen the strength of the team, but the role of the coaching staff and support staff who comprehensively manage the team is also important. I was keenly aware of the fact that only when the front is harmonized can we become a truly strong team.크크크벳

Pepper Savings Bank is still a big difference from the starting point. It is too early to place high hopes on a new club that has just taken its first steps. It is all the more so because the team composition itself was a completely different ‘floor start’ from IBK Industrial Bank, which was solid from the beginning.

Concerns and choices continue. It also comes with responsibilities. Ultimately, specialization is the way to go. The growth of Pepper Savings Bank may have become more important from this point on.

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