In or out.

Goyang Day One, a professional basketball team that has been unable to pay its players’ wages and vendor bills due to the extreme financial difficulties of its parent company, is at a crossroads.

The KBL, which organizes men’s professional basketball, will hold an extraordinary general meeting at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 7 a.m. on the 16th to deliberate on the club’s operations.

The extraordinary general meeting is the final step in the process, as the league could decide to expel the club if no significant improvements are seen.

The KBL held a board meeting last month on the 31st, and after about two hours of discussion, decided to honor Day One’s “last promise,” which is now two days away.

At the time, NAVER said it had 15 days to resolve its debts, including player and staff wages.

However, it was difficult to find any evidence that the organization had ever paid its members’ membership fees or wages on time. Few accept the plan at face value, as it has been shown to be seriously flawed on numerous occasions.

In fact, it is said to be difficult to organize all the debts.

Last month’s board meeting was effectively an ultimatum to Day One, and there is a sense that they can’t wait any longer.

Even the players, who have not been paid for months, have become disenchanted.

The players, including captain Kim Kang-sun, visited the National Assembly on Thursday to make their case.

Kim said, “The team’s salary does not cover food or supplies, so they are all paying for their own expenses. Some players are married and others are preparing to get married, but all of them have no money.” “The club said they would pay us, but we have no choice but to wait. It’s so hard that we’re here today,” he emphasized.

According to Article 12 of the KBL’s bylaws, if a team is deemed to be incapable of operating, it can be expelled by the general assembly with a majority vote of ¾ or more after deliberation by the board of directors.

While it would be great if Day One could clear all of its debts and continue to operate with new sponsors and connections, it is unlikely that they will be able to do so.

It’s hard to predict what the KBL and the other nine clubs will decide, but the KBL made it clear early on that it would not be willing to take on a temporary franchise.

It is also difficult to get the other clubs on the board to agree.

Even if a dramatic turnaround were to occur, a unilateral move would create another problem. This is one of the reasons why fans are already cold.

After leaving Goyang City behind, Dewon has been in talks with Pohang City and Busan City for its survival. Even then, the team has struggled to attract sponsors, which is bad news.

The team started out curiously with former basketball president Heo Jae as the owner, but as feared, it was revealed to be anonymous after less than a year.

In the end, if Day One is expelled without solving the clues, attention will be focused on the actions of players such as Jeon Sung-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun.

According to the KBL Player Standard Contract, Article 23, ‘Termination of Contract’, paragraph 2, item 4, states that if the club fails to pay the annual salary under the contract for more than three months without justifiable cause, the player may terminate the contract immediately.메이저놀이터

Paragraph 6 of the same article states, “If the contract is terminated in accordance with this article, the player is free to sign a player contract with another club.

“The principle is to protect the players first,” said a KBL official.

The offseason is likely to be another tumultuous one.

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