Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo openly criticized Asani for showing dissatisfaction when he was substituted out.

Gwangju, led by coach Lee, won 4-3 after a fierce battle in the 7th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Daegu at 7 pm on the 16th at Daegu DGB Daegu Bank Park. Thanks to consecutive goals from Kim Han-gil in the 18th minute, Sandro in the 43rd minute, Huh Yul in the 14th minute, and Ha Seung-woon in the 43rd minute, Ko Jae-hyun scored two goals in the 18th minute and 32nd minute in the second half, and Keita in the 38th minute in the second half. They succeeded in defeating Daegu with a goal.스포츠토토

Coach Lee said, “Both teams put in all their efforts and played a good game. I want to commend the players on both teams. It was beautiful to see them do their best until the end.”

Even after the victory was confirmed, the somewhat dissatisfied look on the coach’s face became a hot topic among fans as a close-up on the camera. Coach Lee said, “There is always a tendency to collapse by conceding goals in the second half. I was angry at that point. If such a jinx occurs, I get caught in the process of moving to a strong team. I was complacent.”

At the same time, he mentioned Asani, who was substituted out in the second half. Asani showed dissatisfaction after being signed out as a replacement, and manager Lee also reacted strongly. Coach Lee said, “Professionals have to fulfill their duties on the field. Asani will have to think more about that. He was angry that he lost his duty as a player. That is why he was replaced. Asani has to pay attention to play and , You shouldn’t pay attention to the external part.” When asked if he would have a separate interview, he said, “He will know better. He doesn’t need to talk again.”

On the other hand, coach Lee praised several players, including Sandro, who succeeded in scoring in the game against Daegu that day. Manager Lee said, “Sandro and Ha Seung-woon scored goals. I think he will be able to gain confidence in running the game.”

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