Reporter Kim Dong-chan = The Korea Handball Association virtually sacked coach Kim Rasmussen (51, Denmark), who was appointed as the women’s national team head coach in May of last year.

An official from the Korea Handball Association said on the 14th, “We decided not to extend her contract with coach Rasmussen.” “When she was appointed in May of last year, we decided to conduct an interim evaluation based on the results of the Asian Championships in December.”

The official explained the reason for the ‘disqualified’ decision in the midterm evaluation, saying, “We judged that the performance did not meet expectations ahead of the Olympic qualifiers in August of this year.”

Coach Rasmussen, who took the helm of the Korean women’s national handball team in May of last year, won two matches in the regular match against Japan in September, and also won the Asian Championship held in Korea in December.

It’s unlikely that her performance was the reason for her decision not to extend her contract.

Signs that coach Rasmussen and the association do not get along well were exposed to the outside world from the Asian Championship last December.

At the time, at the championship press conference, when asked about the management plan for the national team in 2023, as a foreign coach, Rasmussen gave a somewhat ‘alumni answer’ by mentioning the grievances and cultural differences as a foreign coach, but it was interpreted as ‘a difficult atmosphere to commit to 2023’. .

In addition, some said, “There is a point from officials in the Jincheon Athletes Village that ‘the amount of training for the women’s handball team has significantly decreased compared to when a domestic coach led the team in the past.'” also did 안전놀이터

On the other hand, in an interview after winning the Asian Championship, the players said about coach Rasmussen’s guidance, “There was a process of adapting at the beginning, but it is a style that is tactically solid and pays attention to details, so the players have a lot of trust.” has taken a different position.

An official from the association admitted, “It is true that the opinions of the players were not reflected in the decision to change the manager.”

Coach Rasmussen also recently complained on his social media, saying, “I won all 16 games, but I don’t know why this happened.”

The Handball Association said, “We are also looking for a foreign manager for the successor.”

The men’s national team ranked 28th out of 32 participating countries at the World Championships earlier this year.

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