Real Madrid is speeding up their search for a successor to Luka Modric (37).

Spain’s Don Diario reported on the 4th that “Real Madrid will steal the successor of Croatian national team midfielder Modric from FC Barcelona.”카지노

Real has Modric and Toni Kroos (33), but has entered the aging process. According to the media, Real need to sign at least two midfielders. A new player has recently been added to the recruitment list. This is Bernardo Silva (28) of Manchester City. The Portuguese has indicated that he wants to leave England this summer.

Silva’s agent is Jorge Mendes, who is the same as Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr), a senior Portuguese national team member. Mendes is looking for Silva’s whereabouts. I already hope that Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez will embrace it. Reports came out that he would move to recruit after the end of this season. Real also joined the scout.

Manchester City set a fee of 70 million euros (100.7 billion won) for Silva’s transfer. Real is a sufficient amount to respond, but Barcelona is difficult financially. Real financial management is far more reliable than Barcelona. I was certain that Real, with its economic power, would win.

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