Chelsea, who spent an astronomical amount in the transfer market this season, is going to expand the locker room.

The British Daily Star reported on the 19th (Korean time) that ‘Chelsea, which has poured 600 million pounds (about 927.1 billion won) into player recruitment, is expanding its locker room’. Chelsea recruited 17 players in the transfer market last summer and in the transfer market this winter to significantly reinforce their squad. Chelsea’s squad has reached a saturation point, with existing striker Aubameyang excluded from the UEFA Champions League entry this season. 토토사이트

“Chelsea’s dressing rooms were built in the 1970s,” a Chelsea official said. Recently, Chelsea’s locker rooms have become much cluttered. It wasn’t a bad situation up until now, but Chelsea’s locker room has been very crowded lately.”

Chelsea are continuing their aggressive recruitment of players, signing midfielder Enzo Fernandez for 121 million euros (approximately 166.2 billion won), the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League, in the transfer market this winter. It is known that he spent 323 million pounds (approximately 487 billion won) in the winter transfer market alone. Chelsea are also drawing attention to Neymar signing rumors and English midfielder Bellingham signing rumors.

Chelsea have significantly strengthened their squad, but are continuing their sluggishness by staying in 10th place in the Premier League this season. Chelsea also lost 0-1 in the 24th round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season against Southampton held on the 19th and failed to rise in the rankings.

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