Ronaldo invites four Manchester United players to Saudi Arabia to say goodbye.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 29th (Korean time) that “Ronaldo intends to bid farewell to four Manchester United players who are on vacation in Saudi Arabia for the Al Nasr match.”

Ronaldo has terminated his contract with Manchester United by mutual agreement after remarks made during an interview with Piers Morgan. At the time, Ronaldo confessed his insult and humiliation at Manchester United and expressed his intention not to remain with the team any longer.

The time was when the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar was about to begin. At the time, Ronaldo was away from Manchester United to prepare for the World Cup, and was only focusing on the national team. After terminating his contract with Manchester United, Ronaldo played the World Cup as an independent.

After the tournament, he decided to leave. Ronaldo joined Al Nasr, who offered an annual salary of 170 million pounds 스포츠토토.

Ronaldo, who left Manchester United and joined Saudi Arabia, could not properly say goodbye to the United players. Among them, Ronaldo invited four people he was especially close to to Saudi Arabia to watch his game.

Ronaldo is contacting them to invite some players to join them for a summer break at a luxury house he is currently building outside Lisbon, Portugal. He is also asking if he would be interested in coming all the way to Saudi Arabia to watch him play, provided the schedule permits.

The media said, “There are several players who are still grieving their departure to Saudi Arabia without saying a proper goodbye. Ronaldo has recently left Manchester United, but he remains in touch with a few players. I was allowed to watch the game,” he explained.

Ronaldo’s four ‘Chin Chin’ were also revealed. The media revealed that “Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandez, Casemiro, and Rafael Varane”. Maguire is a player who was in the veteran class together at Manchester United, Fernandes is a teammate of the Portuguese national team, and Casemiro and Barran are players who have been together since their Real Madrid days.

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