Samsung Lions selection candidate Heo Yoon-dong will be selected for the first practice game of the camp.

Heo Yun-dong will start a practice match against Nippon Ham, a Japanese professional baseball team, to be held at Nago Municipal Stadium in Okinawa, Japan at 1:00 pm on the 9th. 메이저사이트

He is expected to check his condition by pitching 2-3 innings as a starter. Yang Chang-seop, Park Se-woong, Kim Si-hyeon, Hong Jeong-woo, Moon Yong-ik, and Lee Seung-hyeon (left-handed) are expected to make a sortie following Huh Yun-dong.

The first practice match at the Okinawa camp. It is a place to showcase what has been prepared throughout the winter in front of coach Park Jin-man and the coaching staff.

A large number of young beasts prepared by sharpening their knives from last fall’s finishing training are on the way.

Samsung: Kim Ji-chan (2nd baseman) – Lee Jae-hyeon (shortstop) – Kim Hyun-joon (center fielder) – Kim Tae-hoon (left fielder) – Kim Jae-seong (center fielder) – Gong Min-gyu (1st baseman) – Jo Min-seong (designated hitter) – Kim Sang-min (right fielder) – Kim Dong-jin (3rd base) ) in the starting lineup.

It is noteworthy that Ji-chan Kim, Jae-hyun Lee, and Hyun-jun Kim, who will be in charge of the center line this season, are placed side by side in the top batting line. It is noteworthy that Kim Tae-hoon, who was transferred from KT as a compensation player for Kim Sang-soo, was placed as the fourth hitter.

Second-year outfielder Kim Sang-min, who has power and speed, and Kim Dong-jin, an infielder with a good batting position, are also attracting attention as they are placed in the lower batting line.

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