Prosecutors asked for a prison sentence for Seok Hyeon-joon (32), a member of the soccer team, who was handed over to trial for violating the Military Service Act.

According to Newsis on the 15th, the prosecution said at the trial for the determination of violation of the Military Service Act against Seok Hyun-joon, which was held at the trial of Judge Jae-Hak Kim of Criminal 13 of the Suwon District Court, “The defendant returned to Korea only after one year from the date he was notified to return.” Rescued.

Seok Hyun-joon, who previously played in the French league, was notified by the Military Manpower Administration to return to Korea by June 2019 because he did not fulfill his military service obligations. However, he was charged with not returning to Korea within the specified period without a justifiable reason. Under the current law, those who have not completed military service are restricted from overseas travel once they turn 28 unless there are special reasons. Seok Hyeon-joon, who initially stayed overseas with a general permit, applied for an extension permit for reasons of relocation, which is issued only to those living with parents who have acquired permanent residency, but he was denied and had to return home. In December 2020, the Gyeongin Regional Military Manpower Administration accused Seok Hyun-joon of violating the Military Service Act.

Seok Hyeon-joon, who graduated from Park Am-jung-Singal High School, was a talent that gathered expectations to the extent that he played an active role as a striker for the national team at a young age. He started his professional career in 2009 by joining the prestigious Dutch club Ajax. However, he couldn’t settle down with one team and moved around several teams. He went through Groningen (Netherlands), Mari Timu (Portugal), Al Ahly (Saudi Arabia), CD Nacional, Vitoria, FC Porto (later Portugal), Trabzonspor (Turkey) and Debrecen (Hungary). He played for Troyes AC (France) until recently. Seok Hyun-joon also participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics, but he did not win a medal at the time, so he did not get a chance to be exempted from military service.먹튀검증

Seok Hyun-jun, who canceled his contract with Troyes in July of last year, announced his official position on the controversy over military service evasion through social media. He said, “I never had any intention of avoiding military service as a citizen of the Republic of Korea. Although it was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, my heart and mind to fulfill my military service have always remained unchanged.” I tried to send a letter of cooperation to terminate the contract. However, the club ignored the letter of cooperation in order to send it only to clubs that pay high transfer fees, and because of this, I missed the time to return to Korea and go to business.”

He said, “Last summer, when I was able to afford the penalty for the contract with only one year left on my contract, I paid the penalty for military service and terminated the contract.” Ahead of this season, Seok Hyeon-jun joined Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team in the fourth division of Korea.

In this trial, Seok Hyeon-joon said, “I felt that I would be in trouble after being dragged around any longer, so I voluntarily terminated the contract.” If this sentence is pronounced, I will immediately fulfill my national defense obligations,” he appealed for leniency.

The sentencing hearing for Seok Hyun-joon will be held on the 1st of next month at 1:50 pm.

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