Sibiontech defeated Arina Sabalenka (25, Belarus, 2nd place) with a set score of 2-0 (6-3) after an hour and 50 minutes in the women’s professional tennis (WTA) Tour Porsche Grand Prix final held in Stuttgart, Germany on the 23rd. 6-4). Sibiong Tech, who recently suffered from a rib injury, lifted her championship trophy with light movements as if she had shaken off the aftereffects of her injury. Sibiong Tech cheered when her win was confirmed, landing her uppercut with her right hand.

The world No. 1 and 2 in the WTA Tour singles clashed in the final after the match between Simona Halep (32nd, Romania, 26th) and Caroline Wozniacki (33rd, Denmark, retired) at the Australian Open in 2018. It was only a year. A fierce match was expected, but the result was a complete victory for Sibiong Tech.토토사이트

In particular, Sibiong Tech and Sabalenka met in the finals of this competition last year, and at this time, Sibiong Tech won 2-0 (6-2 6-2) and laughed. While Sibiong Tech reached the top for her second year in a row, Sabalenka had to swallow her regret as she took her knee in the finals for the third year in a row starting in 2021. In 2021, she bowed to world number one Ashley Barty (27, Australia, retired) at the time and finished runner-up.

Sibiong Tech continued her dominance against Sabalenka by widening her opponent to 5 wins and 2 losses. She then tasted her second win of the season after the Qatar Total Energy Open last February.

In addition, Sibiong Tech has maintained the world No. 1 for 55 weeks since April of last year, and it is expected to increase this to 56 consecutive weeks as of the 24th.

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