The relegation-threatened professional soccer team Suwon Samsung has made a series of additions to its roster. Additions are essential to improve the organization and revive the color of the “bottle ball.

On June 6, Suwon announced the signing of midfielder Kazuki Kozuka, 29, from J-League Kawasaki Frontele. It is the first sign of a full-scale reinforcement of the team, which signed Jeju United defender Kim Joo-won on March 23. Suwon described Kazuki, who has 28 goals and 42 assists in 210 career J-League games, as having “a wide vision and passing ability to solve the game.”

Another key factor in Suwon’s rebound is “Qatar World Cup representative” Kwon Chang-hoon, who returned to the team on the 26th of last month. His timetable for rejoining the team is unclear due to a wedding on July 7 and a heel injury, and a move to a European club remains a possibility, but his return could provide a solution to a frustrating Suwon attack.토스카지노

As of June 6, Suwon has 2 wins, 4 draws, and 14 losses in 20 games. ‘Bottom of the K League’ Suwon chose Kim Byung-soo as the man to rescue the team after the opening 10 games with two draws and eight defeats. However, Kim has only won one game in nine matches since his debut against Jeonbuk Hyundai on May 10.

Kim’s style of football is distinctive: high ball possession, staying in the opponent’s half for long periods of time, and attacking with aggressive, delicate passing. He used this to lead Gangwon FC to a sixth-place finish in the 2019 season, their highest ever, and fans nicknamed his tactics “Byungsoo-bol”.

Suwon has been active in the transfer market since Kim’s arrival. He brought in Kim Joo-won, a former teammate of Kim’s at Yeungnam University, to stabilize the defense and use Kazuki as a focal point for ball possession and passing.

The team is still in need of additional signings, including a striker. Main striker Ahn Byung-joon has four goals in 19 games, while Mulicic, who was acquired from Seongnam FC, hasn’t lived up to expectations with one goal in eight games this season due to a hamstring injury. In the last three games, Suwon has scored just one goal.

Kim Dae-gil, a KBSN Sports commentator, said, “If Kazuki can act as a link in the center, the flanks will come alive and Kim’s passing game will be possible. However, it is also necessary to sign a striker who can deliver a decisive blow from the front.” “Suwon cannot rely on individual ability to solve the game like before. If the club’s financial situation is not good, they need to present a vision to counter the opponent with organizational power.”

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