Park Gye-beom came up to the 1st team and made a big success in the air defense in the famine … Lee Yu-chan ‘s sense of stability in the defense
exploded as soon as he became second baseman, and his hitting potential exploded
in the match on the 14th, where the two players scored 5 hits, 4 RBIs and 4 points

The 2nd group exists for the 1st group. It doesn’t shine, but it constantly motivates the players and refines the players’ mentality. And when there is a crack in the first team, he is sent up and changes the team atmosphere.

In fact, Doosan’s 2nd team is currently not very good. There are also many cases where infielders look to the outfield because there are not enough players. Pitchers are added. “Honestly, it was embarrassing. Last year, the pitching staff collapsed to the point of saying, “I didn’t want to play.” It is the same this year. All available power goes up to the first team, and there are no players to use, excluding injured players, and following the club’s policy of not rushing in rookie-level players.

In the meantime, Doosan’s 2nd Army is playing a significant role. The beginning is Lee Byung-hun. Right after the opening game, Lee Byung-hun went down to the second team. There, he underwent rigorous mental training under coach Lee Jung-hoon. Technically nothing was touched. He only conveyed the message to go and fight boldly. He instilled a firm mind of “If you come down again, then be prepared” and sent him to the first team. Since then, Lee Byung-hun has established himself as a swing man for the Doosan Bears, although it is a short inning. He is not satisfied, but as long as Choi Seung-yong is the starting pitcher, Lee Byung-hun is the only alternative.

Recently, Park Gye-beom has been playing a good role. Doosan struggled as the defense faltered in three consecutive matches against Lotte. In particular, on the last day, Kang Seung-ho made two defensive mistakes, and this was even more prominent. Lee Yu-chan’s bat fell to the Mendoza line because of the burden of defense.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop chose to strengthen the offense and defense by making Park Gye-beom the shortstop and Lee Yu-chan the second baseman as a special measure. And it was a great success. Both offense and defense came alive. No one denies that the biggest achievement of this three-game series was Yoo Gye-beom and 2nd Yoo-chan.

In particular, Lee Yoo-chan’s batting is reviving, as Park Gye-beom took over as shortstop and relieved the burden of defense. In the first game against Kia on May 12, Lee Yu-chan contributed to the team’s victory by hitting two hits, especially three RBIs and three bases. The balls hit by Kim Ki-hoon were all big balls that would have been home runs at other stadiums.

The match on May 14 was a two-man show between Park Gye-beom and Lee Yu-chan. Park Gye-beom played as the second hitter and scored 3 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats against Hyeon-jong Yang. Lee Yu-chan also recorded 2 hits, 2 RBIs and 2 runs in 3 at-bats in the ninth batting order.

In fact, it was difficult for Park Gye-beom to have motivation in the second group. Because he’s not a rookie.

In addition, it is all the more so because there is no promise when he will be promoted to the first team in a situation where there are as many as three shortstops in the first team, including Kim Jae-ho, Ahn Jae-seok, and Lee Yu-chan. However, since you never know when a puncture will occur, the role of the 2nd team is to always appoint players and constantly motivate them.토스카지노

If something goes wrong, there are many players who take off their uniforms in mannerism. Some players fall into the wrong path. Whether it’s whole chicken, beer, or shouting, you have to keep the player’s condition ready for battle.

In fact, the current Doosan 2nd team has a very limited number of players who can go up to the 1st team. Among the beasts, there were only Kim Min-hyuk, Park Gye-beom, and Jeon Min-jae, and they are all stepping on the stage of the first team.

The Doosan Bears’ 2nd team is not strong, but if it is not there, it is squeezed and sent to the 1st group again and again. The 3 consecutive victories against Kia this time include a lot of contributions from the Doosan 2nd team. It can be said that it was a three-game series that properly showed how much the connection between the 2nd and 1st groups has a great influence in a long-term race.

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