English Premier League Manchester United’s Carrington training ground is set to be upgraded.

Manchester United have made plans to leapfrog the Carrington training ground to the highest level in the Premier League. Representatively, a ‘yoga training center’ will be installed at the Carrington training ground. Why is Man Utd doing this? This is linked to the Cristiano Ronaldo excommunication. 안전놀이터

England’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Man Utd are upgrading the Carrington training ground in time for the summer. In particular, they plan to reorganize the entire training ground, including rooms where players can do yoga. Millions of dollars are invested in the training ground to keep up with the times, there is,” he reported.

The media added, “The reason why Manchester United is reorganizing the training ground is related to the Ronaldo scandal. It is because of the strong criticism from Ronaldo at the end of last year.”

At the time, Ronaldo said in an interview with Piers Morgan, “I came back after leaving Manchester United in 2009, but nothing has improved. After Ferguson’s departure, Manchester United’s evolution stopped. Compared to clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, which have reached the highest level, Inside Manchester United, it hasn’t evolved at all.”

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