The elementary school student who liked to run and play entered the basketball team at the recommendation of his family. The basketball club I entered thinking it was an after-school activity turned out to be a prestigious basketball club with a history and tradition. There was a big difference in skills from the existing basketball club members, but I quickly adapted. As much as the start was late, it was because he ran harder than anyone else and overcame it.
This is the story of Lee Soo-hyun, a 3rd grader at Sunil Girls’ Middle School. Lee Soo-hyun’s sincerity was acknowledged by the coaching staff. Coach Shim Min-deul of Sunil Girls’ Middle School said, “(Lee) Soo-hyeon is always a sincere and polite player. After he entered Sunil Girls’ Middle School, he personally did morning exercise every day for two years. He praised his pupil, saying, “Even during training, he never slacked off.”
Meanwhile, Lee Soo-hyun’s goal for 2023 is to win the national championship. As a senior, he also has a firm responsibility to lead his juniors. In order to achieve his goal, he has been quenching step by step since the off-season.

The 2022 season is also over. How are you?
After the season is over, I’m preparing for 2023 little by little. I’m starting from basic training again. I plan to build my body first and then train in order.

How did you start playing basketball?
I loved running around since I was little. Then, I started playing basketball in the 2nd semester of the 3rd year of elementary school. The basketball team of Seonil Elementary School, which was re-established in 2018, recruited players from 2017, and I was tested by the basketball team of Seonil Elementary School. After passing the test, I played with a basketball twice a week with the coach and the basketball team members.
I was interested in basketball from the beginning. However, when I joined the basketball team, I thought it was an after-school activity. I was a little surprised at first, but it was easy to adapt. Even so, my skills were lacking compared to the players who started playing basketball first. I trained hard to catch up.

What is Suhyun Lee’s play style?
I play basketball using speed. The advantage is breakthrough and quick attack. You can create scoring opportunities for your teammates in fast-breaking situations. I want to make use of my strengths in the future. I also want to play the role of a shooter.
The downside is the 3-point shot. It’s better than before, but it’s still not enough. Even when I have a chance to throw a shot during a game, I can’t throw it with confidence. I’m still not sure about my shot. So, I practice shooting a lot.

When did you start competing?
I have been playing since 4th grade in elementary school. However, when I was in the 6th grade of elementary school, I couldn’t go to many competitions because of COVID-19. It was a pity. Also, because of COVID-19, I couldn’t exercise much. All I did was do home workouts at home. The school gymnasium was also divided by grade level and could only be used for a short time.
Even after entering middle school, I did not immediately secure time to compete. In the first year, there were outstanding older sisters, and I also lacked confidence. As I entered the second year, my skills improved and I gained confidence. I practiced hard to make up for my shortcomings. And from this 2022 season, I played as a main player.

What is the most memorable moment of this season?
The category championships held in July are the most memorable. 3 out of 5 older sisters in 3rd grade were injured, so the lower grade players had to run. I couldn’t even get it right, but one of my 3rd graders got hurt again during the preliminaries. One third grader and four lower graders competed in the finals. Nonetheless, we advanced to the quarterfinals. It was the first appearance of the season. We confronted ourselves.

What was different about the games you played with your sisters?
If I run with my older sisters, I can lean on them in times of crisis. Because my sisters solved it. My heart was relieved just by the presence of the unnies.
But when the unnies were missing a lot, we had to play the role of the eldest. I was anxious and lacked confidence. But my friends and younger siblings said, “It’s okay. Be confident,” he encouraged. The coaching staff also said, “You can do what you do. Imagine having older sisters.”
Thanks to the encouragement of the coaching staff, my friends and younger siblings, I played well. It was a tournament where I felt a lot, and I was able to figure out my shortcomings. Also, for the first time, I received an individual award 안전놀이터. I did my part, but I think it’s an impossible result without the help of my colleagues. 

Who is your role model?
Shin Ji-hyeon (Bucheon Hana 1Q) is my role model. She is also a senior at school and a player I respect. He also has a lot of similar playstyles.
It’s cool to use steps after breaking through. He also throws a good 3-pointer and a mid-range jumper. More than anything, he wants to emulate the ability to solve problems in the game.

What is basketball to Lee Soo-hyun?
Basketball is like family. I was with basketball both in my happy times and in my sad times. I think basketball always follows me. Basketball was always by my side.

I am also curious about your future goals.
I really want to win the national championship next year. I’ve never won a championship before. If you work hard from the winter training, you will be able to win the championship. Also, now that I am in my third year, I have a sense of responsibility to lead the team well like the older sisters. You will do well.
And going pro is my ultimate goal. When I started playing basketball, my goal was to go pro. If I go pro, I want to become a player who faithfully fulfills the role assigned to me by the team.

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