Even Pep Guardiola, who knows football well enough to be called a tactical genius, seems not to have known much about cars.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 14th (Korean time) that “Guardiola destroyed a car worth £460,000 (about 700 million won) after taking over as Manchester City manager.”메이저사이트

According to the media, Pep is said to have destroyed four cars after taking over as Manchester City manager in 2016.

Mercedes GLE for 80,000 pounds (about 127 million won) for 7 years, Range Rover for 150,000 pounds (about 238 million won), Bentley GTX700 for 200,000 pounds (about 318 million won), 30,000 pounds (about 318 million won) 47 million won) of Mini Cooper was damaged by Pep’s hand.

According to ‘Pep’s City: The Making Of a Superteam,’ written by European football journalists Lou Martin and Paul Balus, Guardiola has been known for his poor driving skills since his time as Barcelona manager.

The side mirrors on the cars Guardiola drove were always short-lived, and it seems that he filled up a diesel Range Rover with gasoline or wrecked a Bentley.

Even in the book, “Guardiola has excellent talent in many fields, but his driving doesn’t seem to be so. He had trouble on the roads in Manchester and crashed several times.”

Contrary to his driving skills, it is Guardiola who knows football better than anyone.

Guardiola, who started his career as a big league coach in Barcelona in 2008, won three trophies that season, and the following year, he added the UEFA (European Football Federation) Super Cup, Supercopa de España, and FIFA (International Football Federation) Club World Cup to achieve the first all-time crown in history. .

In particular, he was evaluated as a tactical genius by popularizing the fake number 9 tactic centered on Lionel Messi, short passing, and strong pressure based on tiki-taka.

After joining Man City via Bayern Munich, he lifted a total of 11 trophies, including 4 League, 1 FA Cup and 4 League Cups.

However, he has yet to win the UEFA Champions League. Guardiola, who is trying to win the Champions League for the first time since taking over Manchester City this season, is ahead of the second leg of the round of 16 against Leipzig at 5 am on the 15th.

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