Manchester United manager Eric Mourinho wants Mason Greenwood back.

“United boss Louis van Gaal is open to bringing Greenwood back to his team,” The Sun reported on Tuesday.

Greenwood was a “superstar prospect” for United. He made his first-team debut in 2018-19 and quickly became an integral part of the team, scoring 10 goals in the league the following season. His half-beat shot timing and powerful ankle strength made for a promising future.

But it wasn’t to be. In January of last year, Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. His girlfriend at the time, Harriet Robison, released several photos and an audio recording on social media. Robison’s face was covered in blood, and bruises were evident all over her body. Manchester police investigated and arrested him.

There was a twist. He escaped all criminal charges. “Charges of attempted sexual offense and assault against Greenwood have been dropped,” the BBC and other local media reported in February. The Crown Prosecution Service explained Greenwood’s situation by saying, “The charges were dropped after key witnesses in the case recanted their involvement”.

Greenwood has since made a move to rejoin the club, changing his social media accounts, tagging the club’s official account in his profile description, and keeping his posts to only those related to the club. The Red Devils also left the door open by adding Greenwood’s profile to their official website.

The debate is still raging. The United women’s team has made it clear that they are not happy. Natalie Burrell, founder of the United Women’s Supporters Club, said: “Greenwood’s return would be the worst thing United could do. I don’t want to see him training, wearing a shirt or stepping out of Old Trafford again.”메이저놀이터

Nevertheless, Van Gaal wants Greenwood back. With United in desperate need of a striker, Greenwood’s return would be a huge boost to the team.

“Van Gaal and most of his teammates were delighted to hear that Greenwood would be welcomed back. Greenwood firmly believes he is an innocent man and is very disappointed that he is unable to play,” The Sun reported, adding that both Greenwood and United want him back at Old Trafford.

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