Hanwha Noh Si-hwan (23) achieved half success last year.

His batting average of 0.281 was his highest since his debut. However, his slugging power dropped significantly.

Home runs fell vertically from 18 to 6. His slugging percentage also went down from 0.466 to 0.382. Even with the swing of the giant cannon, he could only achieve results at the level of a tick.

Failing to launch the ball became a fatal blow.

There is no choice but to find a problem in the hitting mechanism. It can be seen that there was a problem with the swing trajectory, not simply a decrease in long hits.

Last year, Roh Si-hwan’s ground ball out/floating ball out ratio was 1.17. This figure shows that there were far more ground balls than fly balls out.

It is a figure that is not small compared to Tuchman, who recorded 0.96, who ranked first in slugging percentage at Hanwha last year. Considering that Tuchman’s contract renewal was canceled due to his lack of power, it is clear how high Roh Si-hwan’s ground ball rate was.

Noh Si-hwan is a hitter with a giant swing. The follow-through is huge. However, the ball did not float as expected. He is the reason why you have to think about the fundamental part of hitting.

He has a swing that is good at getting the ball up and down, but the fact that he has a lot of ground balls can be interpreted as a problem with Noh Si-hwan’s hitting mechanism.

Noh Si-hwan is a player who should take care of the long hit at Hanwha. In a situation where there are not many players who hit big, his long hitting power can be said to be a necessary condition for Hanwha’s offensive power. 온라인카지노

It’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s certainly no player who can hit 30 home runs. If Roh Si-hwan is not supported, Hanwha will have no choice but to lead the game with difficulty this season.

A long hit has the power to turn the game around at once. Considering that Hanwha has a sense of stability in its bullpen, its slugging power can be said to have the power to overturn a game where it is trailing by a large score in the latter half of the game.

Noh Si-hwan is equipped with a batting form that can send the ball farther than anyone else. However, the results are showing the opposite.

This is why you need to find out what went wrong from the root. It is time to take a new approach to the striking mechanism.

I’ve said it over and over again, Noh Si-hwan is the player who should be responsible for Hanwha’s long hitting power. Even though he’s had an injury hiatus, he can’t save a team with six home runs.

As he is a player who should be the central axis of the team’s lineup, he needs a more careful approach.

Can Roh Si-hwan find out what is wrong with his hitting mechanism? Another spectator element to watch the new season has been created.

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