“We will try to become a Gimpo City Basketball Association where Gimpo City and Gimpo citizens can be happy through various activities.”

The Gimpo City Basketball Association will hold the 1st Gimpo City Basketball Association President’s Cup Club Basketball Tournament 1st League at the Gimpo Civic Center Indoor Gymnasium on the 23rd. The Gimpo City Basketball Association starts the schedule for 2023 with this tournament. This competition is the first league-type competition attempted by the Gimpo City Basketball Association. 

In December of last year, the Gimpo City Basketball Association, which successfully finished the Gimpo Geumssal Cup Life Sports Basketball Tournament, which resumed after three years, will contribute to the development of basketball in Gimpo City by establishing the Gimpo City Basketball Association President’s Cup in 2023. 스포츠토토

Hosted by Gimpo City, Gimpo City Sports Association, and Gimpo City Basketball Association, this tournament will kick off on the 23rd with the support of Ame It Sports. 

This tournament is a life sports basketball tournament for Gimpo-si basketball clubs ambitiously prepared by the Gimpo-si Basketball Association. It is not the existing single-shot competition, but it is held from the 1st league to the 3rd league. Here, the Gimpo City Basketball Association decided to proceed with the competition without receiving participation fees until the 3rd league for the Gimpo city life sports basketball teams.

This tournament, which will be held as a league match, is expected to add interest to the league by introducing a point system. 

Since last year, the Gimpo City Basketball Association, which has hosted and hosted basketball tournaments in various fields such as the Sports Basketball Tournament, the Youth Basketball Tournament, and the 3×3 Basketball Tournament, has reorganized its organization into the tournament steering committee, board of directors, and secretariat, and operates transparent and high-quality tournaments. It was well received. 

Taking the successful change of 2022 as a stepping stone, this Gimpo City Basketball Association President’s Cup, which starts for the first time this year, will feature 9 basketballs registered in the Gimpo City Basketball Association, including Skywalkers, Bronx, Bigfoot, BF.O, Sniper, GBA, Gangsters, Bolin, and Heracles. Fellowship teams participate. In this competition, the recording service of the recording platform Time 4 and the real-time relay service of the Basketball Institute will be added, and the winning and runner-up teams in this competition will be given the right to participate in the 2023 Gimpo Association President’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament. 

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